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Never Stop Celebrating

I had the wonderful privilege of turning 24 this past Wednesday and man do I feel old! The sentiments of feeling old probably have more to do with my personality than my actual age. 493 more words


Purple Side of Life

I did something wild and crazy a few weeks ago, at least wild and crazy for me. I had purple highlights put in my hair. Why, you ask? 713 more words


A Wake-Up Call

I had a wake-up call last week that made me very aware that my body is truly wasting away and that I really am living in an earthly tent. 339 more words

Aging With Grace

Wake Up to Your 30's!

Shared and Written by reader Soniya Khatri

For most, and especially today, the 20s experience is riveting, an adventure so jam-packed that by the time 29 hits you’ve managed to have done it all – job hopping, serial dating, traveling the globe – solo, unleashing your creativity, testing your ideals and most of all pursuing your calling. 1,195 more words

Self- Love Sermons Of Truth

Forty-two, again!

“Florida?  God’s waiting room!” a co-worker commented when I said I was retiring and moving to Florida. “Wall-to-wall grumpy geriatrics,” he continued, “with no sense of humor and no filters on their mouths.” He gave me pause to reconsider: I’d known plenty of older people and I didn’t have that impression of them. 446 more words

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