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Wisdom can come at any age. Aging just reminds us of it in the nick of time… You don’t have to wait for it to come upon you. 56 more words


Bath Scare

My bath is always very exciting. I’m patient and still while I’m in the sink getting rubbed and soaped and sprayed, but as soon as she puts me down, I run in circles, shake, and try to wipe the wet off on the couch. 312 more words

Dog Writer

Aging in Salt Lake City

Story and slideshow by KEITH LAMAR McDONALD

Visit with the Long/Leon family.

Vince Long talks about his grandmother between puffs of a Camel cigarette on his front porch. 899 more words


Loss and Life #46

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” ― Rumi

I was reminded in the last few days and weeks about loss. First it was the loss of a pet dog, beloved by my friend and partner. 672 more words

My ride-along with Meals on Wheels

Story and slideshow by IAN SMITH

Experience the ride-along as we delivered meals to about 70 homes.

From the moment I hopped into the truck I knew I was in for more than I could have ever expected. 983 more words


Toxic Levels

At 2 a.m. my phone rings — again.  I sit straight up in bed, and I answer it by the second ring.  Since that episode last month, my phone is charged in our bedroom so I can hear it — no longer out in the kitchen.  549 more words


Better With Age

Do we humans get better with age, like cheese and wine? Perhaps we do. As a senior your more compassionate, more caring, and more knowledgeable. However, cheese can only age until it gets too old and crumbles. 62 more words