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It’s the last of August and our thoughts are turning to our return trip home.  It’s seemed like a short summer, a month was spent in  Alaska, the Northwest and some pneumonia time. 272 more words

EXACTLY what I needed to see. PERFECT.

Source: People Were Asked About Their Prime Years, These Were Their Answers. themetapicture.com


Going Home to the Farm

I’ve always been a city gal, but I married a guy raised on a farm. And fifty-some years later, the farm lives on in him.  My married life has meant yearly trips back to his hometown of  five hundred people, two hours SW of Minneapolis. 115 more words


People Watching on the Subway:

I was sitting on the subway religiously checking the various social media apps on my smart phone when I first noticed the woman standing in front of me. 193 more words


Time and space are wholly attached to the physical part of our Universe. Get into the quantum aspects and they become less absolute. Get beyond the Universe, to the essence that sprung the Universe into being, and we get beyond time and space as well. 451 more words


Grandpa's All Dressed Up

Grandpa’s street costume

We had a family meeting at the hospital today. Before we all met, it was important to grandpa that he got out of his hospital jammies and into street clothes, or  “costume”, as he says. 319 more words


#333 of 365 - "borders"



I never cared much

for borders

till evil plotted its course

and the only thing

between it and me

were the borders we enforce… 83 more words