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T is for How We Spend Our Time

Hello Friends,

I read a couple of interesting posts lately about time and the value of time and the waste of time. As I approach a milestone birthday this year I find myself questioning more and more what I am doing with my “remaining” time. 396 more words

A To Z Challenge

forgetting, forgetting

seems like whenever a new light comes along and the excitement that is never far behind – the two are often holding hands – I can’t help but go back and apply them to the older material – while not neglecting the present and the fresh. 550 more words


White Space of the Soul

Maggie Smith, interviewed on 60 Minutes, was asked how she felt about growing old.

“I don't like it.” And her old age as a key player in Downton Abbey, is hardly run of the mill. 457 more words

Life Journey

With an Extra Half a Day

Wow, I get an “extra TWELVE hours”???  Amazing!!!  Translated…

Growing up, there was a bamboo forest from our house, and, because my mother’s afraid that the bamboo would turn green and becomes bitter, and for the sake of getting a better price, in the threatening calls of my mother, as elementary school aged children, my younger brother and I would wake up, bright and early, walked into the woods in the darkness, to find the freshly sprouted bamboos from the ground. 463 more words

Feelings & Emotions


Marilyn and I are watching a “NCIS” episode involving Gibbs and his dad. Mark Harmon and the late Ralph Waite. We’ve seen it before but it’s an especially poignant show because Waite died just a few months ago and the story deals with a difficult father son situation. 411 more words


It's That Time of Year Again

The day after tomorrow is my birthday. I will be thirty-one. And, as usual, I have given very little thought to it – well, thought as in planning anything for it. 513 more words

Personal Reflection

There Is No Death in Nature

“It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not
die, but only retire a little from sight and afterwards return again. 79 more words