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Why certain roles are embraced initially but fail to recapture audiences in sequels.

This idea came to me today as I was discussing random films/actors/actresses in Hollywood within my social-media circles, and I couldn’t believe that I haven’t at least written one blog post about it in quite a while, if ever. 756 more words

Lucas Marlone

Tom Thumb (Aging Sucks)

I was minding my own business on a glorified version of a stationery bike at the YMCA while I played Words With Friends on my iPhone. 281 more words

Blogging 102

Move up to the front row!

Here is to kickstart our week!

Love this picture, those women on the front row make me laugh every time I look at them. This is what I call aging gracefully. 19 more words


Little Nanny on the Prairie

Jackson-“When Nanny was a little girl was her bathroom inside or outside?”

I. Want. To. KISS. Him.

Hannah-“Jackson, just how old do you think Nanny is?!?!” 44 more words


My Annual Rendezvous with Old Man Time

Something is happening this weekend that I would much rather avoid. That confusing, trippy, mean old man, Time, will make an appearance. He will smirk at me, as he often does, arms folded across his chest all I told you so-ish, and force me into submission. 693 more words

Leaving Dayjob: The End

Back in the day (the 80s), paralegal was the ideal profession for a liberal arts major who didn’t know how to do anything, didn’t want to go into social services or otherwise get her hands dirty, was too timid to go to law school and or couldn’t get into/stay in law school. 280 more words

Performance Art

Like Glass

Knowing when a thing is done, when it can’t be revived, or reconfigured is a gift. It makes for definitive exits and avoids the lingering looks and feeble tries to resurrect something that is clearly dead. 700 more words