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I know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my exam in two and a half weeks and I know fuck all. Had I studied one different module at university I would be exempt from this exam but I hate the subject so much I couldn’t bear the prospect of doing it for another year. 403 more words

Judgey McJudgey Judge

I sit here in judgement. I know I’m not supposed to. But I am judging judging judging all the time. I’d go as far to say it’s out of control. 752 more words


Hospital prescribing of Haloperidol in your NHS Health Board area

I have sent the following as a Freedom of Information request to 14 NHS Boards in Scotland. When I receive replies I will post them on Hole Ousia. 344 more words

Medical Writings

And since I'm convinced I'm an insomniac

It took an out of hours doctor to look at my records to inform me of why I am on such a high dose of Seroquel. 82 more words


Like Sunday Morning.

I used to be an easily agitated person. I’d fly off the handle and lose my temper very easily. I remember as a teenager my mum started saying I needed anger management classes because I’d suddenly lose my shit and yell and shout over the littlest of things. 389 more words


Oh, how it changes

On Thursday I was so calm and emotionless

But I have schizoaffective disorder, and no emotional state lasts for long. By Friday evening I was a nervous wreck, shaking like a leaf and a thousand miles from calm. 94 more words

My own hands did it

Yup, my own hands did it… Self-harm. Last night.

I told myself after the rape that I had to now stop self-harming because the feeling at the time was that someone else had hurt me, so why should I hurt myself? 480 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder