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Good Times and Bad Times With Schizophrenia

I have found when I talk to chronically normal people about what life with a mental illness is like, they are often surprised that it mental illness isn’t always the same all the time.   469 more words


The news as a series of hysteric fits by America. Why? How can we get a grip on ourselves?

Summary: Modern American news is best seen as a helix of semi-serious hysteric fits. That’s why our thousand and one reform movements accomplish so little; why we have almost no influence on public policy. 903 more words

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Confessions of a Mad Mooer: screw you stress protect woman!!!

I like many women have watched the Stress Protect Antiperspirant ads with much envy. She’s so beautiful, happy, well dressed and organised. She looks like the type of mum who has time to brush her hair every single day. 375 more words

Confessions of a Mad Mooer: What Would Robin Do?

I have been told that my last post, What Would Tara Do? leaves the question, What would Robin do… you know… when she wasn’t channeling people? 160 more words


' ‘ Kim Jong’s Sister Moving into Prime Position to Take Power ‘

#AceNewsServices – NORTH KOREA – Nov.30 – In her slim-fitting trouser suits and black-heeled shoes, Kim Yo Jong cuts a contrasting figure to her pudgy older brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. 71 more words