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Dumb Decision, Depression

Sound is torture. Even the voices of my family are grating away that final bit of patience and calmness that I have. Irritability runs up and down my spine like burning, spike legged spiders. 453 more words

Collection of Previously-Unposted Drafts

It is like the roots of the earth have clambered up through layers of rock and soil and twisted inside of me, coiling themselves around my bones and the leaden weight of my heart, ready to pull me back down, down, from the stark glare of the sky, the ever-present acerbic gaze, to my grave bed. 516 more words

Mental Health

When silence is the solution

Sunday! The only day in the week when Afternoon becomes the new Morning – because why get up early and spend your weekend “socializing” with friends over Facebook & WhatsApp? 806 more words


women wearing velvet shoes

voluptuous agitation

that feeling of living in velvet shoes
above the world
or maybe in wellington boots
(which you never buy, being afraid that your fashion instinct is not so good) 66 more words

What Am I Doing?

Well... So-so

Okay, so week 2 has been a little more subdued.  I had to go back to work and agitation… that word doesn’t even begin to describe it.  412 more words

A Patient's Inner Soundtrack from Better Times

She was at high risk for developing bedsores and it was important that she be turned every two hours, but when approached by staff, she would scratch, punch, and spit.

159 more words
Nursing Perspective

Cat up the Tree

Having listened and watched, with increasing agitation, the activity of birds high up in a tree, our cat- Boxer made a huge leap and a few crazed scrambles up into the branches. 55 more words