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Altered Outlook

another day

onslaught of information

lengthy to-do list nothing gets done


the virus of fear spreads

ana & gonzolo bellow

winter looms


misunderstanding…conflict…unresolved… 114 more words

The Current/La Corriente


Floto sobre el agua. Siento el tenue calor del sol acariciar mi espalda. Veo a mi eterno compañero en el fondo del río. Iradiesce, resplandece, como un huevo luminoso alrededor de todas sus extremidades. 372 more words


Freaking Out

God I feel shit. Thoughts going at 100 miles an hour, skin crawling, generally very unhappy. I keep thinking about tracking devices getting into my body and it’s freaking me out. 610 more words

I'm Not Depressed. No, Really.

Sometimes I’m amazed at my ability to stand outside my own life as an observer. I should be wrapping and packing our stuff, but on this rainy, dreary day I have chosen to play armchair quarterback and analyze how I’ve been feeling over the past week or so. 569 more words

All Aboard The (Bi)Polar Express

You Are Peace

 Be patient with yourself, recognize when you’re not at peace and reach inward to find your inner peace, so that you may live in harmony…. Find Peace in your Journey and Remember To Smile Your Day Will Be Brighter… Darlene ♥♥♥  Some quotes for reflection:    7 more words


Urbane Notwendigkeiten


    Manchen Menschen muss man manchmal Mut machen
    anderen nicht
    Manche Menschen muss man manchmal freundlich anlachen
    andren spuckt man vielleicht besser ins Gesicht

    in einem Leben kann sich ein Mensch nicht darum sorgen, dass sich alle wohlfühlen…

    25 more words

Dark S&S

I have so much anxiety today. I can’t commit to doing anything. Even writing this is difficult and seems pointless. I don’t want to have to deal with living anymore because everything is just so scary. 113 more words