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Wes's World: Orson Welles' THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS on 35mm!

Following the success of CITIZEN KANE, Welles made one of the most famously disastrous productions of the 1940s, the story of a wealthy family unable to adapt to the changing times in the years following the Industrial Revolution. 127 more words

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Magnificent Obsession

"Once you find the way, you'll be bound. It will obsess
you. But believe me, it will be a magnificent obsession.
- Edward Randolph
Dir: … 60 more words

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is a marvelous film. It brings such depth and complexity to a relatively simple story that there is always something new to see every time you watch it. 1,213 more words


Netflix Review: Disney's Pollyanna

This movie was my mam’s favourite movie when she was a nipper. Back in those days (the 60s I imagine), they had different money so she would beg her parents to give her a dusty shilling to go see this “flick” down at the Claddagh Palace or some such place and she’d go and repeat watch it as much as she could. 1,401 more words