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Our Vines Have Tender Grapes

“Jeepers! Looky!” It’s a sweet, wholesome and touching story of Wisconsin farm families and all the lessons they learn, in this month’s It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Movie Challenge 1,010 more words


Review: The Tell Tale Heart

I have a feeling a platoon of estrogen fueled ghosts are going to be paying writer-director Bart Mastronardi a visit soon. Whether it’ll be Bette Davis, Joan Bennett and Agnes Moorehead or some other golden age dream team is anyone’s guess. 317 more words


All that Heaven Allows

All that Heaven Allows is classic melodrama, and was dismissed as such on its release. While melodrama and soap operas are still considered low art today, at least this film has been critically reappraised. 1,152 more words


REVIEW: "Dark Passage"

Bogart and Bacall. Those three words always bring a smile to my face. They point to an enchanting onscreen chemistry than spanned four movies and eventually into their offscreen lives. 529 more words

Classic Movie Spotlight

Classic Cinema Wednesday #1: Citizen Kane (1941)

Classic Cinema Wednesday is a weekly spotlight review series focusing on a classic film from the “Golden Age” of Hollywood (roughly 1927-1960) that I have never seen prior to watching for this series. 863 more words


All That Heaven Allows

"Personally, I've never subscribed to that old Egyptian custom."
- Kay Scott
"What Egyptian custom?"
- Cary Scott
"Of walling up the widow alive in the funeral chambers of her dead
husband along with his other possessions. 98 more words

Wes's World: Orson Welles' THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS on 35mm!

Following the success of CITIZEN KANE, Welles made one of the most famously disastrous productions of the 1940s, the story of a wealthy family unable to adapt to the changing times in the years following the Industrial Revolution. 127 more words

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