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Joshua 12-24: Iron Chariots and Happy Endings

Given the large amounts of genocide previously recorded, maybe today will be about rules.  I’m sorry I complained about the rules.  I take it back. 1,268 more words


-my testimony reads more like an obituary-

Humans are an interesting species. We simultaneously desire to be distinguished from the crowd, different and unique, yet we crave connection. We long for others to notice our peculiarities and find them endearing. 813 more words



“Some peoples’ desire to hold on to belief overshadow their desire to know the truth.”


Ill Minds

After listening to Hopsin’s track Ill Mind Seven some may feel offended or get launched into deep thoughts. I fell into the latter category. I’ve shared similar thoughts and feelings as Hopsin both as a non-believer and as a believer. 1,798 more words


In defense of atheism

Since the dawn of time religion has brought violence into the world. After centuries of this, some thinkers finally figured out that we need to change things. 153 more words


Just a thought

If all my years of existence has taught me anything it would be that religion and science are not mutually exclusive; that everything we have been taught were built in a foundation of misinformation. 93 more words


Joshua 9-11: More Genocide Than You Can Shake a Stick at

We left off last time with the massacre of everyone in Ai, and it’s king being impaled on a spear.  So, things should be looking up, right?   1,423 more words