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Taking Easter Seriously Infographic

Matt Brisancian is a master at making info-graphics over at his blog.

He outdid even himself this time with an awesome graphic showing the issues involved with the Easter story.   86 more words


(Nobody really knows) what they are doing

“Nobody really knows what they are doing” – Conan O`Brien
to James Lipton explaining the advice he gives to new interns on producing his show…
99 more words

Turkey’s first official atheist association founded to stand up for the rights of atheists in the Muslim country

The first Atheism Association has been officially founded in Turkey, becoming a legal address in an effort to stand up for the rights of atheists in the country, daily Radikal has reported.  152 more words


A Mysterious Woman

Emily Dickinson was the great poet of doubt, taking over from Keats in the second half of the nineteenth century. Her doubt was playful, but serious: 241 more words

Exodus 2-4: The First Smart Thing Ever Happens!

Whew, a little sleep does wonders for a girl.  So last time, Pharaoh had decided to kill all the Jewish boys because he was worried about their population growth.   2,182 more words


When Muslims ask, "How are you sure the being an atheist is the truth?"

I get asked this question by Muslims on a regular basis, and as ridiculous as it may sound it speaks volumes about the “Muslim mentality”. The Islamic approach is that Allah’s word is the truth, the Quran is perfect, and the ways of Muhammad must be followed by all Muslims. 768 more words


There is no God...

“How do you believe in God?”

Is a question I’m often asked.

Honestly, I believe in God in the same way that others do not. Through faith. 320 more words