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Equality and Nihilism

We cannot escape hate. It brews in our world, and it is sometimes moral. There is a paradox in our ethics. We are obligated to hate certain things, and it is most certainly immoral to not oppose certain actions, but we still have hate itself. 211 more words


Everyone's Agnostic - a Nashville based podcast

I just finished listening to the 5th, and most current, episode of Everyone’s Agnostic podcast, and I feel compelled to type about it.

Cass Midgley, the show creator and co-host alongside Bob Pondillo, is a fella I met here in Nashville during one of my adventures on the Vanderbilt University campus. 706 more words

The Inferior "Objective" Morality of Faith

I find it absolutely fascinating how a majority of the world is indoctrinated with religious beliefs.  What is very telling about this situation, is how those religious beliefs differ by geographic location, as well as by time.   887 more words

Am I Atheist ?

Well , this question seems very odd for others and from few days to me also. I was in full confidence that being an atheist is a good in this rouge gone Communal World. 2,032 more words



I can’t begin to tell you all things about Wednesdays that I don’t like. First of all, it’s halfway through the week. And since I’m a pessimist, that’s still half a week I have to get through, not just a few more days. 1,192 more words

I Believe in Impossible Things - The Creation

I am beginning a new set of devotional thoughts about believing in impossible things. I pray that they will bless you.


It is amazing how deeply divided the world is about our origins. 291 more words


Joshua: Conscience Deleted

Friends, yesterday we finished reading about how God, in His benevolence, led His people from slavery and delivered them to the Promised Land.  At least, that’s all I was ever told.   947 more words