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The True Problem with Connection

Alright, so there are millions of people on the internet, and millions of people that you can see everywhere. I can talk to any one of these people about myself, except for the people I really care about. 259 more words

Family Problems

Joshua 7-8: Putting Ted Bundy to Shame

Ok Friends, here we go on some more adventures.  I think we left off with some genocide last time.  That doesn’t narrow it down?  Oh.  Yeah I guess it wouldn’t.   868 more words


I was raised Seventh-day Adventist/Baptist. I read my bible and did my weekly lessons diligently; until I attended a world religions class in college and befriended a few good hearted non Christians.

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My Quotes

Play it Safe

“I’d rather go through life believing in God, to find he doesn’t exist, than not believe in him and find he does.”

This is a statement I usually hear close to the end of my conversations with christians.  163 more words

Just A Thought...


In the face
Of gods
And Demons
Nothings and
I have chosen
To believe
In People


10 questions from a Christian website that atheists supposedly cannot answer

This is where these questions are posted – so this isn’t me stabbing at some straw-man. After a little searching I found the original source of these questions… 2,084 more words

Othe Blogs And Other Interesting Things.

Clues for God

I’m reading an interesting book by Timothy Keller called The Reason for God. I’m not writing anything original in this blog entry but rather this is a reflection on some of the points he presents. 1,131 more words

Faith And Ministry