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Yup, I'm Still Agnostic

God made us in His image? I’m pretty sure we made him in Ours.

a reflection on the inherent low self-esteem of self-described higher powers

Gandhi said that

“God has no religion.”

That’s terrible.

Could you imagine?



has such

low self-esteem,

that He can’t even believe… 16 more words

Where Art Thou, Brother?

So, I sit here tonight, reflecting on my past, once again. What started as a blog for the unusualness (I will make up my own words if I please) that is I, became a blog of confessions, venting, and feelings. 428 more words

Where is my missing puzzle piece?

In my Self Identity Mission I have always been tripping over a large problem. This problem being religion. 

I always used to say I was an Atheist. 806 more words

Why you don't need objective morality.

I am an atheist and I disagree with many religious people’s opinions. A criticism I face often is that my morality is not objective, and thus my morality isn’t really moral. 42 more words