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Dispelling atheist Arguments: How could a "loving God" send so many people to hell? - Part 1

I’ve heard this argument used by numerous atheists. It comes in a variety of forms but the basic form is summarized by the question: How could an all-loving God sentence so many people hell (i.e., to burn for eternity in torment)? 560 more words


Where is my missing puzzle piece?

In my Self Identity Mission I have always been tripping over a large problem. This problem being religion. 

I always used to say I was an Atheist. 806 more words

Why you don't need objective morality.

I am an atheist and I disagree with many religious people’s opinions. A criticism I face often is that my morality is not objective, and thus my morality isn’t really moral. 42 more words


How to Share the Gospel with an Agnostic at the County Fair

I met a man at the Cache County Fair who belongs to the fastest growing religion in the world. You might have met some one like him. 990 more words