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Lovely Easter Dinner/Malignant Presence

I b’lieve my tiredness
‘nd the malignant presence I sensed today
as I approached
going to my mother and dad’s (and son’s) for Easter dinner… 92 more words


How Muhammad made up passages in the Quran to fulfill his own sexual desires

Muhammad was not only a Pedophile (marry Aisha when she was 6), but he was hungry for more sex! On one hand he forbid Muslims from having premarital sex, then figured he’d make the guys happy by saying only they could marry up to 4 women, probably because he did the same himself. 575 more words


Exodus 5 - 12: Plagues and Manipulation

So last time, Moses and Aaron were sent on a mission by God to lead the people of Israel from slavery, and they had just convinced all the leaders of the enslaved people that they were legit. 1,871 more words



“Whenever I feel like throwing myself off the cliff of reason, and into the abyss of atheism, I remember the wisdom of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 550 more words

My View Of The World

Easter Musings from a Heathen

Good morning Meesis
And good morning Meester,
And good morning meez for the feminists,
And Happy Easter!

It’s a day we celebrate
Jesus’s resurrection
With oviparous rabbits… 41 more words


Day 20: "Easter Sunday" by Carmina Masoliver

I’m not religious
but like egg-shaped chocolate and
little yellow chicks.


Sacrifice on Good Friday: Finding Meaning As An Agnostic

I was having a conversation with one of my coworkers yesterday about religion. He’s Jewish, and this week, he is celebrating Passover. As we stood in the dusty warehouse, with the shafts of light illuminating the dust from high above, he told me that for him, it’s not about religion. 680 more words

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This is exactly what I wanted to say. Except I would have sounded a little more... bitter. So I chose this instead. Because there is peace and acceptance here. Very wonderfully put!