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Rationalising thoughts and not letting them get carried away :)

I have been busy here today writing a CV, it is quite hard to get it right.  I think I hate writing about myself, even though I do it every day on this blog, it is still difficult.  365 more words

I've almost conquered sleep again!

So, for the first time in a long time, I’ve had an almost full night’s sleep. I woke up once, but I refused to get up, and fell asleep quite quickly afterwards. 24 more words

Mental Health

I'm looking forward to pushing myself more :)

It has been a very wet day here today, though I woke up in a relatively positive mood.  I wanted to get up earlier than usual, as I need to get into an earlier routine for when I start back college in two days.  464 more words

@pssms #poetheme
Nothing's familiar
Tall buildings lean in~
I can't breathe
The #darkness of the city
yawned and swallowed me whole—
muddletation (@Muddletation) April 21, 2014



“Today’s the day,”

She breathed out solemnly facing a glass window streaked with grime that did not do a very good job of letting the light in.  513 more words


The internet is like a connection to my life!

Today has been such a hassle with the internet connection, I am writing this now on the hope I can upload it onto wordpress soon.  I think I might of pulled a wire out that connects to the junction box in my house, it is hard to tell what the problem actually is, though the phone line has been acting up for a while line with the internet disconnecting.  410 more words