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HI again, I've been told I should write, so here goes.

I’m going to start by saying sorry. I know it’s only a few of you, but I did get some followers after my initial splurge onto this blog, and then I went quiet. 1,128 more words

Mental Health

An absolutely beautiful day here!!

It has been such a lovely day here today, the sun has been shining and I can actually feel sunburn on my arms starting to develop.  414 more words

Change Something

And I do, I want to be able to function.

Time to talk.

Last chance.

Sole Aching

I got out of the house a few days ago, 40 minutes spent walking.

4 days later I am still in a lot of pain. 43 more words

Humpty Dumpty??

     I have been broken for so long, I am begining to wonder if I would even know what it feels like to be better. I feel a lot like humpty dumpty in numerous pieces in need of a mastermind to put me back together again. 517 more words

Negatives can make you better :)

I have been thinking how far I have come in this journey through all the tough times in getting through the bad anxiety spells.  It has been such a bumpy ride, though I have gotten through the worst of it.  381 more words

Roller Cerebral Coasterfuck

Depression keeps my stomach sick and my entire body anxious.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure the excessive alcohol and marijuana don’t help but fuck…

If my mind was a ride at Disney world, it would definitely be the scariest-ass roller coaster in the ENTIRE PARK, specifically located in the Magic Kingdom and ONLY OPEN FROM MIDNIGHT TO 4 AM.