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Fed Up

I’ve been let down by two universities in the last year. The University of the West of England and The Open University! Both unable to cater for someone with mental health disorders. 174 more words


Holiday Blues

This week has been very odd as I’ve been totally alone apart from my mum popping in twice. The reason for this is that my husband and children went on holiday to Spain with hubby’s mum. 363 more words


Hello - a quick introduction!

My name is Louise and I decided to start this blog partly because it’s somewhere to record my daily life and hopefully make some positive changes, and partly because if there’s someone out there who has the same struggles, please know you’re not alone. 135 more words


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Learning to Feel Safe

In the beginning of February I was starting cognitive behavioral therapy. The office is about 45 minutes away and my husband would have to take me to my weekly appointments. 631 more words


Cracked Lightbulbs: A faulty idea

Several years ago I went through an obsessive phase of reading rock n’ roll autobiographies. One of the most interesting books I read was about Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys. 584 more words

Mental Health

Keep it Simple

I’ve noted a phenomena common to many agoraphobic people I’ve connected with over the years. I’m trying to think of a nice name for it. What would you call it when someone exaggerates and distorts reality in order to make someone think something is way more complicated than it actually is?  376 more words


Getting To Crisis Point

If you have seen my recent posts, you know things are getting worse. Today I went to a day festival and although I managed to control my agoraphobia and panic attacks I just realized something. 144 more words