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Tracking your Progress

As I wrote some time ago, I still describe myself as a “recovering agoraphobic“. I still have the same thoughts, fears and feelings as when I was fully agoraphobic, and I still have to overcome those thoughts and fears every time I want to leave the house – whether it’s to go to the park over the road and sit by the river for a while, or whether it’s to go out for the day, or out to dinner, or on a mini-break elsewhere within the UK. 1,080 more words



JULY 22nd

For much of the dream I was in my house of around it, and it was being assailed by monsters.

Worst of all was the Doppelgänger, who, during a garden party, lured a toddler into the bush. 411 more words

An Intro to Introversion

A Facebook friend just shared this image. Innocuous to most. Funny to others. But I gotta tell you, it really got my goat.

But let me back up a bit. 399 more words


Calando--Writer's 4th Wednesday

I’ve chosen a previously published poem from 2012 in response to my prompt for Writer’s 4th Wednesday over at The Bardo Group. Music lends itself to allegory. 124 more words


Like this... {Sometimes} Until it's not////

So it’s like this…

The bit of agoraphobia starts acting up and getting the best of you. You start to find it harder and harder to set foot outside the front door. 1,425 more words

I Made New Connections, It Will Go Same As Always

So I started talking to a couple of new people. Good right? It won’t end up that way if history has told me anything. The rare times I start talking to someone that seems OK it is short lived. 223 more words


The Dating "What If's" in an Anxious Anna

I come from a very, very long line of anxious individuals, on both sides of my family (naturally).  Lets just say, if you went as far back as possible in my family line, you would find a plethora of anxious individuals trying to figure out how to get from Europe to America, how they are going to raise all their 10 plus kids, and… well, you get the point. 923 more words