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Hard Work and Faith

Hard work and faith are choices you must accept to go down the agrarian path. Hard work is just what it sounds, hard. It is grueling, uncomplicated, and satisfying, and the only way to successfully get hard work done is to work hard.  198 more words


Agrarianism as a Teacher

Through agrarianism we allow ourselves to transform seemingly hard choices into easily handled decisions. Through our connection with the land, we learn everything that is important, and are then able to infer what is not. 353 more words


An "ist" Label Worth Claiming

I am a lifelong and third generation Methodist. Although the name Methodist has an intriguing and compelling history, that is not the topic of this blog.   780 more words


Soil Redemption Class

You are invited to enroll is a 6-week Soil Redemption Class held on Sunday evenings from 6:30 until 7:30 p.m. (central time) at Latham United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama.   382 more words



Weaned from our mothers breast
we have come so far into wilderness.

Forgive our petty and horrendous
indulgences for we are but infants
to the universe. 36 more words


Side Dressing Now Available!

I am pleased to announce the release of Side Dressing: A Group Study Resource for The Land That Calls Me Home.  It is avaialbe today through the publisher CreateSpace… 437 more words


Side Dressing: A Group Study Resource for The Land That Calls Me Home

Available September 15, 2014!

I was blessed to publish The Land That Calls Me Home in April of 2014.  Many who have read it engaged me in conversation through personal correspondence and social media. 650 more words