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My Mating Cycle

As we all know there is no manual on how the mating cycle works and not always does the greatest number rule. So, I thought I would share my mating cycle or call with you to get some feedback on it. 146 more words


Fair Game

One of my favorite songs at the moment is by Sia, Fair Game

But, in my view, if we to want to play a fair game or fairer game, we are going to have to make some, explicitly agreed to, rules of engagement. 178 more words



I think I now know why I so hate the use of words like absolutely.

When people use “I totally understand”, “exactly”, “you are absolutely right”, “perfect”, etc they are overly agreeing and then, when they are not really in agreement they just stay silent or say “yes” or “okay”, with very little outward sign of the negative or non agreement. 93 more words


Talking Points for a Manufacturing Agreement

Last week, I was working with a manufacturer to create a template for production agreements. It reminded me that we don’t discuss manufacturing enough on this blog, though product quality, costs of goods, and timely product delivery are essential components to a successful apparel brand. 824 more words

Intuition Vs Ego

How do we tell the difference between our “intuition” and our “Ego”, if in fact there is one?

Well, I need to be cautions here, as now I need to consider which part of me has asked this question and which part is now about to answer it. 162 more words



An agreement is an agreement
A treaty, pact and pledge
To fulfil and to honour
And to not sit on the hedge
But to discharge undertakings… 64 more words