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Skyscanner: CAT quashes commitments in the online booking sector

In a judgment handed down on Friday, the Competition Appeal Tribunal has quashed the Office of Fair Trading’s decision to accept commitments in the online hotel booking sector. 810 more words


Defining Organizations

For Weber, an organization is a closed or limited admission social relationship whose regulations are enforced by specific individuals.  Those individuals, through whatever legitimate process they reach their positions in that organization, thereby have “executive powers.”  “Organized action” is therefore either actions taken by the administrative staff, or members’ action as directed by the staff.  325 more words

Twin Oaks

The 3rd Level of Thinking

In my view there are three levels of thinking, your level, my level and the just right, actual or perfect level of thinking.

So I may think your level of thinking on a subject is under thinking and you might think my level of thinking on the subject is over thinking and then there is the possibility of one or even both of us thinking just right or perfectly on that subject. 216 more words


In Texas, Properly Drafted Noncompete Agreements Shape Court Rulings

Austin Oil and Gas Attorney, Gregory D. Jordan Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) September 24, 2014 Two recent cases show that covenants not to compete must be carefully drafted in order to be enforced as written by Texas courts. 119 more words

Browsewrap License Cases: Fteja v. Facebook 2012 WL 183896 (SDNY 2012)

In Fteja v. Facebook  2012 WL 183896 (SDNY 2012), the Southern District of New York held that the forum selection clause in Facebook’s terms of service was enforceable against a site user.   652 more words


The struggle to live rooted, real lives

What is it with human beings and not wanting to relate and preferring pieces of paper to do the relating for them? Last night at the About Circle of Hope Dinner, we were huddled around our smart phones looking at Circle of Hope proverbs (because someone—that’d be me—forgot the handouts). 875 more words