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No more violence

It’s just too easy to use violence. Usually people start off with some good old scolding which then progresses into physical agression, it happens every day. 129 more words

Little daily thoughts

The only thing that always stays on my mind when watching people talking about God (or that he can’t exist) is the person his/herself! Those who truly believe are kind, patient and polite, but atheist tend to be impatient, some even aggressive. 101 more words

Me, Myself And I


Ok.  Now I would like for everyone to take a breath.  A nice deep breath.  One. Two. Three.  Inhale….Exhale….

How we feeling?

I’ll tell you how I’m feeling: Stressed. 338 more words


WARNING: Coyotes May Be More Agressive; Metroparks Prepares Us

UPDATE: Metroparks says there’s no need to be nervous. They sent me this video to put me at ease so that I can continue to enjoy my walks with my puppy. 290 more words


Active, Aggressive Listening and Loving

Author’s note: a belated post. The following was written on February 11, 2014. And update – mild, at best moderate, success here. I’m a work in progress. 433 more words