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Monkey Business: Innate Differences

“Chimpanzees brought up in a home do not speak, think, or act like people, and that is because of the information in the ten megabytes of DNA that differ between us. 57 more words


I Bite My Tongue & Hold My Breath

The newest self-discovery is that I absolutely, unashamedly, love good confrontation. It is a part of me that has always been there and is still very relevant. 295 more words

VCU Men's Rugby Video

Here is a short promotional video I created for the Men’s Rugby Team of Virginia Commonwealth University. It was a great experience to get to film the team at their game. 16 more words


Please note: breaking into somebody else's home is illegal, even if you are there to assess the taxes.

Yesterday our next door neighbour had the unfortunate circumstance to not be home when the tax assessor wanted in.  Instead my mother watched as the tax assessor banged on the door, shook the door handle rather aggressively and yelled that she wanted to come in.   631 more words