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Africa the next home of an agricultural revolution

Sooner than later, Africa will matter more to us than we matter to them

By Sylvain Charlebois, Associate Dean – College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph… 709 more words

AgriDigest Update

“Evolution, consequences and future of plant and animal domestication” by Jared Diamond

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Our ‘decision’ to domesticate

The question “why farm?” strikes most of us modern humans as silly.

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Robert Bakewell's Chair

A somewhat uncommendable provincial chair in The Collection from The Royal Agricultural Society of England (fig. 1), auctioned by Dreweatts at Bloomsbury House, London on the 11th of July, sold for £9,000 ($16,370). 185 more words


Is Schizophrenia an Inflammatory Illness?

The Madness of Adam and Even: How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity

by David Horrobin (2001 Bantam Press)

Book Review

The Madness of Adam and Eve advances a dual hypothesis: 1) that schizophrenia is a whole body disorder, rather than a “brain disease, as promoted by Big Pharma and the psychiatric fraternity and 2) that schizophrenia stems from the same series of genetic mutations that led to the appearance of the human species (homo sapiens) 100,000 years ago. 557 more words

Things That Aren't What They Seem

Delusions of Social Grandeur

Ancestral humans relied on their senses. Visual memory and concrete thinking formed their perception of the world. They were animals and so are modern humans, except that modern humans suffer delusions of grandeur made possible by technology and magical thinking, two strange partners at work in human culture. 523 more words

Modern Humans

Social Humans are the New Humans

The expanse of time in which humans have lived in villages, towns, and urban complexes constitutes a mere 5% of human history.

The first dramatic increase in human population, which took place over a period of several thousand years and is designated as the Agricultural Revolution, rearranged people, their domestic animals, and the location and concentration of permanent settlements into a vertical hierarchy of social power and inequality.  289 more words