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History of Us, pt 2

The Agricultural Revolution (or, as we learned last week, the Quest For More Food) didn’t necessarily bring about the birth of Civilization as a thing, but rather laid the basic groundwork for early humans to figure it out from there. 537 more words

Dumb History (History of Us, pt1)

Happy Tuesday!

Let’s talk history. Stop groaning, I promise it’ll be worth it.

World history is dumb. By that I mean it’s overly complicated. When you realize the ‘human element’ involved in everything, history becomes a lot dumber—in that we are all dumb and do dumb things. 471 more words

The Agricultural Revolution, 10000-4000 BCE

Last time, I discussed the evolution of the human species over thousands of years. From our humble beginnings in Africa, homo sapiens spread to all the major landmasses on the planet in just a few thousand years. 3,436 more words

Polymath Project

Percy Shelley's Ode to Agricultural Reform


From the poets of the Romantic era Percy Shelley is considered one of the most radical. Shelley was defined by his personal beliefs, which made both him and his poetry notorious, like his unapologetic atheism and multiple marriages. 849 more words

Historical/Social Context