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New ewes and nearly a chicken

So the new ladies have come home, collected them this morning, ended up coming back with 3 instead of 2 though, so ultra excited about that! 80 more words


Free Ewes!!!!!!!

Wow, what a turn of luck for me!

Just got off the phone to a friend of mine who’s been kind enough to give me some tegs I’m exchange for a fridge, some wooden chairs and a children’s set of table and chairs, so I will have some lambs next year!! 32 more words


Blue the Ram

Well I went to see the blue texel shearling ram today and I’ve fallen in love!

He’s probably not the best specimen/example of the breed but he’ll only be with me for two seasons and the lambs will be going for slaughter so they don’t need to be the best put together things, just so long as they don’t come out with two heads and 5 legs anything goes! 30 more words


On the Hunt for a Ram!

So even though I’m still building up my ‘all sorts’ flock, I’m on the search for a handsome ram to cover my ewes eventually!

As I’m a big fan of ‘different’ ie not all plain and boring white(!) I’ve been looking for a special eye catching boy. 166 more words


The intelligence of pigs

Having just had a chat with a first time pig farmer, I feel the need to write this blog!

He feels he cannot and probably will not see that a pig is intelligent, I strongly disagreed with this statement and, in turn, told him some stories of pigs I have had in the past, who have shown a great intelligence. 365 more words


Tobacco cutting time

In Kentucky, not only do trees change color, but tobacco as well. Farmers know when tobacco turns yellow, it is time for it to be cut. 26 more words


Next years goals

Next year I have several goals which I would like to accomplish.

1) start to breed boer goats. This is a beautiful breed of goat which meat doesn’t taste anything like the taste associated with such things as goats cheese or milk. 229 more words