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Families at war

Wills and probate can be a stressful and complex process, especially when a dispute arises within a family.

A recent case in the North West involved the Court of Protection, valuation and planning, regarding commercial and agricultural properties. 38 more words


Loss of earnings results in agricultural dispute

When a company lodged a complaint over faulty machinery and loss of earnings in Lincolnshire, it looked unlikely that a successful result could be reached for either party. 64 more words


Benefits Of Using Organic Fertilizers

Organic manure is typically derived from animals such as sheep, cattle and horse. Chicken manure can also be considered as organic but it needs to be aged before it is added to the soil. 309 more words


Los establecemientos de la educacion antes de la ocupación

Instituto agricultural
Las escuelas musicales y medicinas
1escuela donde estudiaban 8 años
1guardería y 4 orfonatos


Las riqueras de Aghdam

Aghdam tenía 88mil 395 ja área, una ciudad , 119pueblos y barrios antes de la ocupación. Desde 1993 tenía 1736 ja bosque gobernativo, 710 ja bosque agricultural, 500 ja otros bosques. 47 more words


The Province of Punjab and its Population Growth Trends- Amjad Roohani, Arslan Munawar, Hussain Naqvi

The population of the province is estimated to be 93,963,240 in 2010 and is home to over half the population of Pakistan. The major language spoken in the Punjab is Punjabi and Punjabis comprise the largest ethnic group in country. 338 more words

Waking up in Joubertina

A small agricultural town in the heartlands of the Langkloof in the Eastern Cape, South Africa