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From AmeriCorps to Peace Corps, Indianapolis native commits to service-oriented work

Danielle Guerin, of Indianapolis, was studying entrepreneurship at Bradley University, in Peoria, Ill., when she began to doubt a future in the for-profit world. When she brought up the Peace Corps to her college adviser, she was encouraged to try AmeriCorps to determine if service work was really for her. 729 more words

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Ohio native held desire to serve with Peace Corps since she was a child

Leslie Minney, 22, of Waverly, Ohio, has been accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Cameroon Sept. 9 to begin training as an agriculture extension volunteer. 619 more words

Africa And Middle East

Unique Building Options for Homeowners with Roomy Yards

If you’re truly blessed with a roomy yard there is so much you could do on your property. The options themselves will be of mind boggling variety. 234 more words

Agriculture And Forestry

Mycopigments- Mushroom Dye Workshop

Alissa Allen of Mycopigemnts recently held a mushroom dye workshop on our farm. It was a wonderful and magical workshop. Amazing colors!  Alissa travels all over the country presenting her dye workshops. 32 more words

Breaking out

Every drop of water drawn from the taps this summer I have hauled into place.

I fill the bowser from the tap at the barn, pull it round to the basement at the west end of the bunkhouse, hook up to the alkythene pipe inserted into a hole drilled in the water tank enclosure and let it fill the system by gravity. 418 more words

Quiet in the evening sun

We use the same path most nights, the Nog and I: he has come to expect it.
We leave the yard by the blacksmith’s gate behind the sheds. 276 more words

Survey suggests renewed optimism in the farming industry

The Agricultural Insight survey conducted by MHA at this year’s Cereals 2014 event identified continuing optimism amongst the nation’s farmers.

The second in a series of agricultural surveys conducted this year by MHA (a UK wide association accountancy and business advisory firms) reveals increasing levels of confidence amongst farmers in the UK, but concerns over succession planning are still a serious issue. 71 more words