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Ranch 9: Understanding

Written on 11 April 2014 at Mother Road Brewery

As I was tormented today with fears of unconscious, internalized ‘isms,’ I began reading a book on the very concept of compassion, humanity, and socio-personal distinctions in a society, as defined by a species and leader. 754 more words


New Council to Expand Responsible Financing for Agriculture

> Posted by Jeffrey Riecke, Communications Associate, CFI

The 450 million smallholder farmers around the world, who comprise the majority of those living in absolute poverty, have… 437 more words

Center For Financial Inclusion

A Drop of Value - Wine Additives

As alcoholic beverages go, wine would seem to be among the simplest to produce, requiring little more than grapes, water and time; after all, humans have been producing the potable… 419 more words

Science In Society

Family Blessings Leading Up To Sale Day

As we have prepared for our annual production sale, we can’t miss the opportunity to update folks on issues our family has faced over the last couple of months. 509 more words


Why American Apples Just Got Banned in Europe - By Tom Philpott| Wed Apr. 23, 2014 9:01 PM PDT

Tischenko Irina/Shutterstock

Back in 2008, European Food Safety Authority began pressing the chemical industry to provide safety information on a substance called diphenylamine, or DPA. 415 more words


Don't Like the 'Kingdom' in Kingdom of God?

Some people don’t like the term ‘Kingdom of God.’ I guess it reminds them of feudalism, caste systems, and ruthless kings. Normally I’m on board with reclaiming language to bring about its intended meaning rather than avoiding it, but today I will indulge this kingdom aversion with a small revelation I had this morning. 161 more words


Gujarat's agriculture growth - what is the real story?

Came across this piece in ToI by Prof. Ashok Gulati, the eminent agriculture economist. I wish more agri econs wrote for media as there is much to know and learn. 835 more words

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