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I was just sitting down to write something for this site when my friend e-mailed me this article from the CBC.

And when I got it, I was sad. 431 more words

Things That I Have Learned In Colombia

Things That  I Have Learned In Colombia

“Once a year, go someplace that you haven’t been before.”  Dalai Lama

If you don’t come back from Colombia with your suitcase smelling from coffee, something is wrong. 695 more words



“Vamos a tener un tecito” I heard my host mom speaking during my first day at my host family. As my Spanish is pretty poor, I did not really get “What we are going to have” but I figure it out it is going to be some food since it’s after 8 pm. 445 more words



cheers to my colombian mama!

in june i’ll be going to stay with my stereotypically massive latino family in colombia for a month.. if i don’t brush up on my spanish soon then i’ll probably just end up walking around with one of these bad boys in my pocket to get me through while i’m there (i can be painfully shy, solution: alcohol!)

Upcoming Drinking Adventures in Bogotá

When I’m about to visit a new country the first thing I research is food and drink. The second is outdoor activities. Before my trek to Laos in 2008, I read about Laotian rice whisky called Lao-Lao and had flashbacks to drinking Everclear in Iowa. 174 more words