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Macbeth 2.3-3.3

Death threats? Really? Thats what education does it always ends up with death threats. *cough* *cough*  Any who I am here to discuss the wonderful world of Mr.Shake. 217 more words



So… it’s been quite a while… I know that. So, in preparation for my newest attempt to get back into blogging, I decided to share a very recent experience with all of you.  962 more words

I had a bad day

I had a bad day. This has nothing to do with relationships but I suppose I could find some way to connect what I have to say to relationships or I suppose I could expand on the definition to include other types of relationships. 188 more words

The downside to having been there and done that...

I’m always so fucking bored and getting drunk/high isn’t always a cure all anymore.


"It just doesn't fit."

Under revision : Stay tuned.

This title of this blog was for an earlier draft in response to  “ah hah moment” topic in a blogging U class. 43 more words



EDIT: My advice days of giving advice were killed by my lawyer before they even got a chance to begin…  I think I’m still allowed to answer questions though… 11 more words