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Felt like I was 14 again!

So the post below is maybe a week old but I wanted to post it! It’s been so crazy at school lately!

Omg guys! So, remember how I mentioned that I am an intern? 166 more words


I feel like some ominous music should be playing right now… 

Yeah. Creepy.

Moving quickly on before I get nightmares… I had the sudden realization that all of you reading my posts so far have no idea what I’m chattering on about. 846 more words


[trick] Konversi database Postgresql ke Mysql - aplikasinya


Ini masih terkait kegiatan gw sehari hari, kebetulan project kali ini aplikasi rumah sakit, sederhana sih logicnya *katakonsultandisana. haa, aplikasi disana sudah ada, aplikasi pihak ke-3 yang harganya puluhan juta, kalo gak salah denger denger sekitar 60jt an gak tau itu bulanan apa tahunan, makanya sekarang lagi sibuk membangun beberapa ‘Modul’ yang mereka sebut aplikasi yang berdikari! 159 more words


Exactly One Week Out

Hello Everyone!

So sorry for my absence, as I mentioned previously I’m a college student and I’m very excited to share that my cookie shoppe has been lucky enough to participate in a local farmers market for the past 3 weeks! 172 more words


how often do you meet the extremely awesome guy who have been obsessing over for months?? I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with the universe that it wants to torture me this week but that fucking happened. 320 more words




At the beginning of our relationship we had this thing we use to do; one person would text “boo!” and the other person would respond with “ahhhh!”. 200 more words


[trick] Memanfaatkan Component Zend Framework Pada Codeigniter Framewok


Kali ini gw mau sharing lagi, terkait pemanfaatan Zend Framework yang digunakan di lingkungan Codeigniter, sejujurnya gw memang seneng pake CI karena tutorialnya sampe sourcecode buanyak, baik yang english atau indonesia. 37 more words