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School and Christmas

So as you may know, its coming up to Christmas.
Wth of course you knew.
Anyway I just wanted to say how it’s only the 17th of November and every one is literally going bananas for it. 196 more words

The Birth of the Grimgrad

On July 16th something monumental happened. The Ukrainian Government were continuing their struggle against pro-Russian rebels, and Ben Affleck had crashed a Superman-themed party. Neither though can compare to what was going on at the University of Southampton’s Highfield Campus in, oddly enough, Southampton. 261 more words


What my encounter with sobriety has taught me.

Its been a couple of days and a very rude awakening.

1. Food sucks.

meals aren’t as exciting. Fried stuff can sometimes be nauseating, and i cant eat when i am not actually starving, and when i am full i am full. 80 more words

Life is fucking exhausting.

Everything is just so tiring. Am fucking jaded.

Tired of being tired and frustrated and disappointed and confused and alone and i am fucking tired of the obsessing over shit and the over-analysing and hating myself and people talking about the future and people who just want to fucking much. 313 more words

Felt like I was 14 again!

So the post below is maybe a week old but I wanted to post it! It’s been so crazy at school lately!

Omg guys! So, remember how I mentioned that I am an intern? 166 more words


I feel like some ominous music should be playing right now… 

Yeah. Creepy.

Moving quickly on before I get nightmares… I had the sudden realization that all of you reading my posts so far have no idea what I’m chattering on about. 900 more words