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Ya Hussein

I have no other desperation other than to see the Hussain (AS) of our time. .


Letter to Allah Almighty

Ya Allah

Through all this I thank you for vividly showing me what unfairness is so that I may not fall into it. I thank you for showing me what unkindness is so that I may not fall into it. 429 more words


On Knowledge

Knowledge is the basis of every sublime state and the culmination of every high station. That is why the Holy Prophet said, ‘It is the duty of every Muslim, man and woman, to seek knowledge, 350 more words


Commemorating Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel in Kufa

- Procession at Masjid E Kufa commemorating the martyrdom of Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel ! we send our heartiest condolence to Imam Al-Asr Al-Qaim Al-Hujjat (a.s) , Ahle-Bayt (a.s) , Rehbar E Moazzam and momineens


Parenting in Islam ( The Parents Responsibility)

It has been rightly pointed out that the western libraries are chock full of works on child rearing and upbringing, but we find hardly any comprehensive reference on the subject with particular emphasis on the Islamic norms and guidelines for upbringing of children. 1,638 more words