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Kráľ Abdulláh je mŕtvy!

Imám AlSádiq (p) povedal: „Ktokoľvek mi garantuje smrť Abdulláha, pre toho budem garantovať Qaema. A potom povedal: Ak je Abdulláh mŕtvy, ľudia sa po ňom nezhromaždia s nikým, a táto záležitosť neskončí bez nášho Spoločníka (Mahdího), InshAllah. 32 more words


Cattle or Human?

(This article is based on the writings of Imam Sajjad – fourth divine guide from among the Ahlul Bayt.)

We remain within the bounds of humanity only so long as we acknowledge the uninterrupted kindness of the Creator and His manifest favors on us. 412 more words


Ali – The Summit of Glory

(This article is written in honor of Imam Ali – the divinely appointed first successor of Prophet Muhammad. In this article, is also mentioned the person Muawiya who was an open, staunch and wicked enemy of Ali and the family of Prophet Muhammad. 415 more words


Muhammad and Ali – Two Great Men In The Same Era

The birth of Prophet Muhammad was a beginning and an end, the beginning of a new era, the end of an old era.

The fact was that it had been ordained that the Arabian Peninsula, which had been long absent from the field in which the existence of man as man had been established, was to receive in this field the wonderful birth of a great man. 420 more words



Ahlul Bayt are collectively a group of divinely appointed individuals whom Allah has sent as guidance to mankind. They consist of the bloodline of Prophet Muhammad (the last and final messenger to mankind) – Lady Fatema (daughter of the Prophet) and the Twelve rightful successors (peach be upon them all) – the pure and chosen inheritors of the knowledge, character and personality of Muhammad through whom true Islam has survived. 165 more words


Whose path should I follow?

(Through the above verses the Creator himself teaches us how to pray for guidance.)

Oh lost man! You are in need of guidance from the Creator. 232 more words