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'Ali's Message in Nahjul Balagha'

The Nahjul Balagha is considered sacred by the Shia, which they consider the most reliable source for the words, sermons, and letters of Ali. Let us examine one of these sermons in particular, which is available on the popular Shia website, Al-Islam.org: … 3,326 more words


"Being Respected in the Eyes of Allah (SWT)…"

“Being Respected in the Eyes of Allah (SWT)…”
Abu Musa, one of the companions of Imam Hadi (PBUH) has narrated the following story:
One day I went to Imam Hadi (PBUH) and told him: “Mutawakkil oppresses me and has taken away some of my properties because of my love for you. 552 more words





Life, a wonderful, almost fantastic miracle that has been given to us for enjoying every second of it. The basic thing to learn about it is that, decisions are a important part of life, always with no exceptions and no intermediate situations. 767 more words

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Imam Ali's Sermon of the Sincerity of Believing in the Oneness of Allah

The foremost in the worship of Allah is the acknowledgement of Him. The origin of acknowledging Him is to believe in His oneness. The system of believing in His oneness is to deny His being enjoying attributes, because the minds testify that every attribute or attributed is new in creation. 1,505 more words


A Letter from Father to Son, The Last Will of Ali ibn Abi Talib (a)

After returning from the Battle of Siffin, Imam ‘Ali (a) gave certain pieces of advice to one of his sons. Some historians consider him to be Imam Hasan (a) while others are of the opinion that he was Muhammad al-Hanafiyya. 7,731 more words


The Gospel of the Shi'ah of 'Ali ('a) part 2

There are also frequent references in the Shi’i narrations to the moral teachings of Jesus (‘a), among which the following is a poignant rejection of racial and national bias: 6,427 more words


The Gospel of the Shi'ah of 'Ali ('a) part 1

Translated by Sayyid ‘Abbas Husayni and Muhammad Legenhausen and Muntazir Qa’im with Commentary by Muhammad Legenhausen


There is a peculiarly close relation between Prophet Jesus (‘a) and Imam ‘Ali (‘a). 6,455 more words