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Conditions of Bai'at and responsibilities of an Ahmadi.

Male and Female.

Bai’at: Oath of allegiance to a religious leader; initiation at the hands of a prophet or his Khalifah.

Jama’at: community

I will start with presenting the conditions of Bai’at and what the responsibilities are of an Ahmadi. 285 more words


Why are Ahmadiyya Muslims getting so much attention this week?

In the wake of the massacre of journalists and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo weekly in Paris, one tiny and unusual sect of Islam is getting a great deal of media attention. 1,283 more words

The Search

Video: Ahmadi Persecution In Pakistan

How the murder of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan, labelled as apostates by extreme clerics calling for their death, is why in UK we must oppose such justification for murder being preached here. 247 more words


The real Islam

Ah yes, the real Islam – what might that be? Would we recognise it if we found it, and does it even exist?

Few of us would have thought it worth our while to enquire except for the fact that the followers of some versions of Islam have taken to blowing us up and chopping our heads off, quoting suspiciously plausible verses of the Koran as justification. 1,237 more words