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Pakistani mob burns homes of minority Muslims, killing 3

LAHORE, Pakistan – A Pakistani mob burned down several homes belonging to the minority Ahmadi sect in the country’s east, killing a woman and her two granddaughters in riots following rumours about blasphemous postings on Facebook, police said Monday. 336 more words


Muslimaaniyat 101 : How to be a good muslim in Pakistan.

If you are a person wishing to learn about being a muslim in Pakistan; look no further, you have come to the right place. You could be a muslim from another country, a recent convert, or simply one willing to be the ‘best-est’ muslim out there. 852 more words


The Pakistani Saga

Recent developments in Pakistani society has led me to the conclusion that the ongoing orgasm of schadenfreude is not only restricted to local media industry — which has resorted to cannibalism through mudslinging and nitpicking — In fact it has engulfed all spheres of our society. 693 more words

Who Wants Sharia Law in Canada?

“In regards to your request of sitting down and having a religious dialogue…I am absolutely NOT interested”.  In my line of work of preaching, you come to expect the cold shoulder now and then. 690 more words

Jonathan Kay: The murder of Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar symbolizes Pakistan’s descent into self-annihilation

Tomorrow, Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar — the Canadian/American doctor who was assassinated last month in front of his wife and child, while he was performing a humanitarian mission in Pakistan — will be buried at Maple Cemetary in Vaughan, Ont. 917 more words

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