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The Divine Move (신의 한 수) film review

The Divine Move (신의 한 수) uses Baduk (also known as Go) terms and moves to play out in linear motion to the story. A game of strategy and numerous possibilities yet strangled in boundaries, making every move crucial and telling, a player finds themselves making a move a piece at a time, trying to predict their opponents next move whilst trying, sometimes in vain, to hopefully surround the opponents carefully laid pieces in an entrapment forced by a carefully thought out plan of which one will undoubtedly re-strategize with every surprise move whilst trying to ensure one is not falling into a trap, that is, if you’re smart enough to win. 374 more words

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Nowhere To Hide Review

Nowhere To Hide

Year: 1999

Director: Lee Myung Se

Writer: Lee Myung Se

Starring: Park Joong Hoon, Ahn Sung Ki, Jang Dong Kun, Choi Ji Woo, 754 more words


Spotlight on: Musa

The budget for fake blood in this film must have been through the roof!

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