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Core data with Restkit

I want to save the result in same order which is coming from server. I’m using Restkit with Coredata. I don’t have added any constraint but it’s saving in different order every time. 13 more words

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Acord Form Australia 2014

ACORD FORUM Australia is a special 2 day event on ACORD standards and how they can help your business. Topics on the programme include the ACORD Framework, Life and GI Insurance, the benefits of standards and detailed implementation discussions. 11 more words


.NET Core is Open Source

Microsoft plans to announce on Wednesday that it is open sourcing the entire .NET framework.
As part of the open-sourced version of .NET, Microsoft is also making the framework cross platform, meaning that developers should now be able to craft .NET applications that can run on either Linux or the Mac operating system. 60 more words


Visual Studio 2015 Preview now available

Next version of Visual Studio is now available. Visual Studio 2015 Preview adds significant value including cross-platform development in C++, the new open-source .NET compiler platform, C++ 11 and C++ 14 support, Apache Cordova tooling, and ASP.NET 5. 16 more words


iText licensing- Do i need to purchase it for my paid app on Google

This might be duplicate but i am just looking for a simple answer which is very hard to find. I am a small developer who has an app that creates pdf report. 90 more words

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AWS EC2 Instance OS repair

I have Apache server running on Centos5.4 Ec2 instance. Unfortunately while removing Bash from Centos, it also removed basic shared libraries.

Now afterward I can’t SSH to that EC2 instance but Apache server is still running (I can access my site through URL). 29 more words

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