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AWS EC2 Instance OS repair

I have Apache server running on Centos5.4 Ec2 instance. Unfortunately while removing Bash from Centos, it also removed basic shared libraries.

Now afterward I can’t SSH to that EC2 instance but Apache server is still running (I can access my site through URL). 29 more words


getting issue on Landscape mode

Please help I’m getting the keyboard issue. I’m getting the keyboard in Landscape mode but I have set the automation off for that view controller. 13 more words


Rights of Parents

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Rehab Raees

The first thing that comes in the rights and responsibilities of parents is to treat them with ahsaan by obeying them and giving them as much time as you can. 460 more words


setiap luka yang kau beri memberiku satu pelajaran berharga
intinya aku harus memperbaiki diri
tak peduli untuk siapa kata kata itu kau tulis
tak peduli seberapa sempurnanya dia… 45 more words