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Transcendence (Movie)

Main Cast: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall

Review: 5.9 out of 10 stars.

How did a good concept got dragged down by poor acting and bad soundtrack? 274 more words


Robocop on the block!!!

Check out what we may be seeing in the suburbs. It kinda looks a DALEK but it’s a robocop that monitors the streets and it gathers all sorts of information. 21 more words



Four new articles of scientific information that may have a direct impact in our future lives. DARPA wants to create robots for the ocean floors, why? 463 more words


Non-Review Review: Transcendence

Transcendence is a passable b-movie suffocated by pretension and self-importance. What amounts to a conventional paint-by-numbers story about technology-gone-mad is suffocated by the weight it affords itself. 1,479 more words

Non-Review Reviews

Two AI's have the weirdest conversation

Why did I not do this when MSN was a thing! This is actually quite odd and rather extraordinary at the same time.


Weird Wednesdays: Futuristic "Petting Zoo" in France

Petting animals inside a small wooden pen at the state fair may become a thing of the past.

The Regional Contemporary Art Fund (FRAC)┬áCentre in Orleans, France gives visitors a chance to interact with robotic creatures through its… 184 more words


Aiiiii <3

Thurs April 17 ’14

Hari ini latian guiding capek bgt apalagi gegara konflik sama morin yang sok gak kenal ke gue. Aku masuk inti dan ada anna, quin, sae tadi. 241 more words