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Reinventing foreign aid: send us your views

By Pierre Jacquet, President of the Global Development Network

Official Development Assistance (ODA) has long been an important resource for development. But although based on a long legacy that has involved a constant learning process, its current definition, measurement and operation prevent donors from building a convincing narrative, with serious implications for its effectiveness. 883 more words

Is Ukraine exposing itself?

Today, Ukraine have let a few number of Russia’s so called aid convoy into its country. That’s something we’ve feared for days as the tweets below shows:


Economist 8/20/14

  1. WHEN a few intrepid humans crossed the Bering land bridge from the Old World to the New, to populate the Americas 12,000 years ago, they left many things behind.
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Does Aid Impact Development?

Free exchange: Aid to the rescue | The Economist.  This article in the Economist summarizes recent studies on the issue of the impact of aid on developing countries.   137 more words

Multilateral Institutions

Aid Group Slams Global Response to Ebola Outbreak

The main agency fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is lashing out at the international response, calling it “non-existent.”

“We are completely amazed by the lack of willingness and professionalism and coordination to tackle this epidemic,” Brice de le Vingne, the operations director of Doctors Without Borders, told the… 506 more words

Lemon: Mediterranean symbol

The lemon, Citrus limon, belonging to the family Rutaceae, lemon is a citrus fruit highly prized for its many beneficial properties. This fragrant yellow fruit, a symbol of the Mediterranean and Asian origins precisely originates from the Far East (India and China), where he was found in the wild. 195 more words


Mt. Sinjar

Captain Thasen piloted his MH-17 Russian built helicopter over Western Iraq desert on a mission to deliver supplies to stranded refugees atop Mt. Sinjar fleeing ISIS. 2,472 more words