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And in breaking news, someone's asked Ugandans what they think of aid...

Angus Deaton knows, just knows!, aid is a net bad and should be stopped immediately. When asked for evidence by Owen Barder, he cited some selective examples, argued their couldn’t be any empirical answers to these questions anyhow, and that we should all trust his expertise. 301 more words


The Swahiliwood sceptics

Seeing a TV set when boarding a long-distance bus in Tanzania usually made my heart sink. The music videos or the homegrown melodramas – the ones that take 10 minutes to tell you that our main character is upset, or one minute to show someone pulling into a driveway – never seemed to make those twelve-hour journeys pass more quickly. 497 more words

Grading Bill Gates

Could you imagine Grading Bill Gates? Well Columbia University Professor Chris Blattman did just that. What did he grade? A must read for those interested in aid and development. 252 more words

GoTalk 20-Plus- Alternative Communication Aid

The power of 100-plus messages! The GoTalk 20-Plus is a lightweight, rugged augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aid. It has a 100 message capacity (20 keys, each 1-inch square, and five recording levels) PLUS five “core messages” which stay the same on each level so you don’t need to re-record essential messages such as “Hello” and “All done” for each level. 123 more words

Pool first aid

I helped a boy at a public swimming pool yesterday.

After my swimming lesson, I like floating down an area called the lazy river. While I was there, I noticed some kids playing with water guns. 125 more words

Saturday Morning Reading #18

After last week’s hiatus due to travel, here’s your Saturday morning reading…

1. Duncan Green and Angus Deaton debate aid | From Politics to Power… 172 more words