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Day 20 - Thursday June 19, 2014

Prayer: Grant me serenity to accept things I cannot change

I wake up feeling somewhere in between happy and flat: flappy. Hey, it’s an improvement in comparison to two weeks ago when I couldn’t even pick out a pair of socks without losing my grip. 1,628 more words


[Movie] Dallas Buyers Club

Rating: 8/10 (breakdown: 2+3+3, see scoring guideline here)

I first heard of this movie from last year’s Oscars and thought it’d be a good watch, and I was not disappointed. 405 more words


Civic Masturbation

Hashtag stand with Israel


Hashtag support Palestine

on my newsfeed, television screen.

Stop the bloodshed chants

echoing through the speakers and

rocking my mental smokescreen. 499 more words


Kenya's HIV Prevention Revolution: Beating Swords into...Condoms

Kenya’s recently published ‘HIV Prevention Revolution Road Map – Count Down to 2030‘ presents various HIV data for each of the 47 counties, based on their new constitution. 429 more words


Moving towards AIDS free World: Scientists reach an important milestone

For the first time, scientists have successfully cut HIV out from human cells, marking an advance that researchers on the project called a possible “game changer” for the disease that afflicts millions worldwide. 386 more words


Unlocking the HIV/AIDS acronyms at the International AIDS Conference: Michael Burge

The world has been watching Melbourne this week as the city hosts the 20th International AIDS Conference. Despite initial reports from the event focusing understandably on the delegates killed by the missile attack on their flight over eastern Ukraine, the conference agenda hit the airwaves visibly on this week’s episode of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s… 1,027 more words