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Defending the Christian Faith in Today's Worldview - Ken Ham

This lecture was kind of all over the place. It had more of the technical details I’m interested in than the others, but it also had a lot of trying to convince Christians that creationism is important. 3,862 more words

Picture: Greed is good?

The bailout of AIG was just one part of the USA’s financial crisis in 2009.

I photographed this man – who was just one of the many protesters around Wall Street – playing us all a tune on his flute. Every protester needs a song.

Created in the Image of God - Steve Ham

I was hoping for a talk about how humans differ from our closest relatives, but I was disappointed. It was another talk about why Creationism should be important to Christians. 511 more words

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Dr. David Menton

The second talk was a biology talk by Dr. David Menton. The strategy is to give a really detailed talk about some organism or biological process, way more detail than any other public talk would. 1,708 more words

Is Genesis Relevant in 2014?

The first talk was about why the age of the Earth matters to Christians. If accepting Jesus into your heart is all that’s required to be saved, why would they waste time arguing about details like Genesis? 806 more words

Ken Ham's Books

Because I was alone and I’ve learned the hard way to never start a conversation as an atheist at a Christian conference, I had a lot of time to flip through the books and DVDs for sale. 1,024 more words

'NOAH' by Answers In Genesis & Good Fight Ministries.

Below this video review, there are two other significant & revealing reviews of the new movie ‘Noah.’

The Noah Movie Deception and the Last Days. By Joe Schimmel… 2,136 more words