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AIGA ON Technology: A panel review.

Have you ever been to a panel where you feel you’re the one who should be at the stage and not at the audience? Call me pretentious (it’s probably true), but after attending  the… 634 more words

AIGA Chicago Event Review - Design and Social Media

Do you like food? Do you like beer? Do you like getting to know interesting people? Hearing about their work and passion? Meeting likeminded folks? 464 more words

Exploring the Industry, Outside of the Classroom.

Getting Started.

Before starting graduate school, I was not incredibly aware of different ways to explore interesting events and topics in my field. This is a bit tragic, to be honest, seeing as I’m so fortunate to live in the bustling city of Chicago. 1,429 more words

Design Ranch 2015

I’ve been hearing about this since 2011… I’m pretty excited to finally attend this event, and holy heck it already sold out yesterday. Hopefully I’ll see y’all out there in 2015!


That Creative Buzz

Sometimes I just can’t sleep at night. My heart feels tight, like it’s pushing against the cage of my ribs, desperate to fly higher. Ideas flow and the only way to quench this anxious frenzy is to push my warm blankets aside, jump out of bed, turn on my desk lamp, and create. 165 more words

AIGA Studio Tours 2014

Thursday night, the AIGA Studio Tours took us to five amazing design firms in Winston Salem. Over 100 designers came out to enjoy the opportunity to visit beautiful spaces, speak with other designers and see how they work. 151 more words

jared eberhardt.

for all my loyal followers: i am currently scheduling posts for everyday this week.

i know. that’s big for me.


i’m always posting photography, and painting. 61 more words