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music i am currently loving <3 (PART 1)


im back again!!

so, ive been listening to a lot of music lately (per usual), and I just wanted to share some music im just really LOVING right now. 920 more words


Ailee Berbagi Rahasia Dietnya yang Sukses

Dikenal untuk vokalnya yang kuat, Ailee telah menerima banyak perhatian dari publik baru-baru ini saat ia terlihat lebih langsing dalam postingan Instagramnya. Ailee menanggapi dengan tidak hanya mengungkapkan bahwa ia turun berat badan 10kg, tapi dia juga berbagi rahasianya di balik penurunan berat badan. 182 more words

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'Immortal Song' Ailee succeeds losing 10 kg

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+6,523, -125] Really envious of her singing talent and her determination too…

2. [+4,727, -168] She was pretty even without having to lose weight~~~ 191 more words


Love Hurts - Pro C ft. Ailee

Yeah I have the biggest thing for Ailee right now. She’s cute and have such a wonderful voice.


Live Performance

This is my performance from last Sunday, and watching over it, it wasn’t the best… I guess that’s what happens when you’re sick and can’t talk. 32 more words