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30 days of biking #22 - Hairwin

Not exactly vitamin D weather yesterday, but I was out of raw sauerkraut (my tummy’s best friend along with fizzy water), and a trip to the better Food Company in St Werburgh meant some practice with those devilish downhill hairpins. 110 more words


M is for Migraines

If I read too much for too long, stare at the computer screen too long, smell too much perfume or eat certain trigger foods like cheese, I will more than likely suffer from a migraine. 159 more words

A To Z Challenge

Silent Migraines (without head pain)

What are Silent Migraines
  • Migraines are typically associated with severe head pain and other symtoms. However some people suffer from what is referred to as a “silent migraine”.
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide

An informative site from the University of Maryland Medical Centre. Provides information about herbs, plant descriptions, how they are used, how to take them, precautions, and possible interactions with medications. 14 more words

Topics Of Interest

Today’s smoothie: mango, persimmon, soft dried apricots, ginger, filtered water. Bright orange, lysine-tastic and sweet as!


30 days of biking #6 - This piggy drove to market

Toyed with the idea of doing my customary Sunday morning shop by bike, but couldn’t work out satisfactory logistics. Aside from the weight considerations (including >70 portions of fruit and veg), what to do with my… 213 more words


Anna Vaha Srotas

Anna Vaha Srotas is the channel which is in charge of the intake of food. Mainly constructed of the digestive tract, and absorbs nutrients through the food consumed. 306 more words