Maximize YOU!

How do we manifest Better Endings in relation to our work & career? A number of factors come to mind, including: “Love What You Do, and Do What You Love;” “Aim High;” and “Be True to Yourself”.  681 more words

First Principles

Multiply on Your Maximizing Resources - Part 4

The last few posts have talked about how to multiply the resources that you’ve worked hard to maximize. So far we’ve covered:

  1. Call in the Troops…
  2. 408 more words
Business Building

Prove your worth- Nobody else can.

Hey Sexy Lattes!

This one’s short and sweet, but I feel that it is important. I am currently dealing with this type of situation in my life and I wanted to share my thoughts and possibly get some feedback from some of you! 131 more words

Grow, Love, Learn <3

Glamourous, Empowering, Honest

At times, we’re all insecure. As if we were freshly cracked chickens straight from the shell, we open drenched with suffocation from lack of knowledge, a bad humour, crooked nose, pimples and unfortunate eyesight. 262 more words

Being You

Aim High, You Might Hit It

When I think aim high, I am not talking about the Air Force but rather the aim it takes to hit a target. You have seen the skill of an archer, the preparation and patience they display when trying to aim at a target. 222 more words



I dream high. I’ve got a dream.

When thing get rough, I just close my eyes.

The moment I achieved my dream.

I wake up and start again. 156 more words