It’s not everyday that you get to think about what needs to be done and not everyday that you have that drive to get it done but do keep in mind that you exist to achieve ever greater things once you get every little thing out of the way.


God has a dream for every seed

23 July 2014 (Wednesday)
Gospel – Matthew 13 : 1-9
1st Reading – Jeremiah 1 : 4-10

Our gospel speaks about three things namely: the seed, soil and the sower. 1,241 more words


New Evidence Fuels Concerns About The Safety Of Niacin

The string of failures– for HDL therapies in general and for niacin in particular– continues unabated.  The publication of the main results of the HPS2-THRIVE trial, along with new information from the AIM-HIGH trial, provide no evidence of a beneficial effect for niacin but do fuel concerns that it may cause serious adverse effects. 11 more words

Policy & Ethics

Cheeky three weeks in work update

Not really sure how to track my time during this paid internship. Typing this I am three weeks one day into it (Fri), and a little tipsy from after work drinks. 152 more words


2nd Half Glory

So I’m duly done and over with the mourning of my old self, since the time period that qualifies as the ‘best old self’ varies wildly. 988 more words

I've Been Thinking About...

Friday thoughts | dream big and be responsible

A lot of people complain about their current status without being aware that they are not doing anything to get the life that they want. They blame their job, their boss, their parents, the government. 133 more words

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