Richard (Industry Friday)

I love listening to how people in creative, artistic industry’s make it higher up the ladder and the highs and lows in-between. This guy worked at Doc Martens and did a four year degree in Fashion. 255 more words



This was a really lovely talk about a well established and successful furniture company who relishes in great design and welcomes ideas from all angles in the art and creative industry. 139 more words


Art Language Location (Robert Good)

I was immediately interested in this talk because Robert Good mentioned an art festival ’50 Artists, 30 Locations, 19 days’, this festival takes place over two and a half weeks in Cambridge and includes enthusiastic experimental artists from across the UK who use text in their art. 173 more words

Aim High

Vice Magazine

I loved this talk by Bruno Bayley, the young and slightly nervous European editor of Vice magazine.

Admittedly, Vice Magazine wasn’t  something I had ever heard of before but having listened to Bruno’s upbeat and interesting nature, I am now intrigued to find out some more about it. 183 more words


Doing What You Love Part 2

“There’s no such thing as bad art” has been my motto for many years.

When meeting people for the first time, I often tell them about my passion for art.   459 more words

Doing What You Love