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depression is a funny thing really.

you never really know that it’s there. it’s this sensation that barely creeps up on you; it ghosts upon your skin, your thoughts, your consciousness… 209 more words

Day To Day

Aimlessness...the art of doing nothing, of just being

I was so fortunate recently to have a day travelling by ferry to Moreton Island, QLD with a good friend and the day held NO schedule or agenda.  407 more words

a little bit of inspiration

someone’s dining room, some time between midnight and dawn. the room has a leftist, affluent feel. opens to an area lit dimly by a single bulb.

303 more words

refuge of a crowded mind

i get 25 minutes to shit out a masterpiece. or i get 10. sometimes i get 10 seconds to close my eyes and be by myself while hiding behind a closed bathroom door. 205 more words


I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. -Robert Louis Stevenson

I’m sitting, waiting for a delayed flight, in Cleveland, Ohio-the last place I want to be (not because you’re not a darling city, Cleveland, but because you were so willfully planned). 174 more words

Prescription of Patience

Tumble dry

The skates of the moment
Glide quickly, and clean.

So what’s in a day
When the weight
Bares down,
When the walls… 185 more words


“all profound distraction opens certain doors. you have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.”

(no, I do not have a unibrow)
so I’m currently sitting in a random function room in the Business School with a few other hall mates in a very trying attempt to finish reading the article we were given for our Introduction to Philosophy class… 352 more words