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Del Seoul

Mexican and Korean never really sounded good together until I ate at Del Seoul. A fast, casual set up, Del Seoul provides a unique and creative combination of these two cuisines. 140 more words

Umami Burger review

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but there is a connection between the words Umami and Chutspah. Umami – borrowed from Japanese – has to do with the perceived fifth “savory” taste after salt, sweet, sour and bitter, and Chutspah is Yiddish for gall, guts, courage, fortitude, determination and a touch of arrogance. 394 more words

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Chicken Sushi Rolls with Bacon & Red Pepper Aioli


Okay, I know I’ve been really heavy on the recipes these past few days (or is it weeks? I don’t even know how to measure time anymore it’s going so fast, haha) but I promise I’ve been crafting like crazy I just need to get around to writing the posts! 942 more words


Day 2 - Whiting Escabeche

Fish can be expensive, yes, but even more worrying is when we stick to our favourites and in the process damage the sustainability of fish stocks. 678 more words


Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #FishTacos!

Finally, time to make #Fish #Tacos using our previously-discussed chipotle aioli, fish, marinade, and taco shells!

This makes 6 tacos, good for two people. 196 more words

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387 Newtown Social Club - Evacuation imperatives

I feel like a bit of a fraud writing about the Newtown Social Club without having been to a gig there. A quick glance at their website will tell you that this place is first and foremost a music venue, which is lovely, except that most bands don’t start hauling their amps up the stairs before my bedtime. 532 more words

Burger Wars

Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #Chipotle #Aioli

Our next meal is #Fish #Tacos, also coincidentally a common #SanFrancisco entree.  There are several distinct parts, and we’ll go into depth on each in turn, starting today with the signature Chipotle Aioli. 222 more words

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