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Final Hurdles

Day 16 After the Fall

The next morning I had to figure out how to ship our two enormous suitcases back to Canada in less than 24 hours: another Herculean task cheerfully plopped onto my plate by good old GE. 1,302 more words


Bombs and Grenades

Day 15 After the Fall

Friday morning I checked my email to find nothing from GE (the insurance company). I marched off to the hospital, glowering. 1,380 more words


I Read the News Today...

This post was prompted by, er, well, ‘The Prompt’ here.

I read the news today. Or I should say, recapped on it a little. but first, let’s think about what, exactly, comes under that ubiquitous heading – the single word ‘news.’ 538 more words


Hurry Up and Wait

More Days After the Fall

In the end, Mike did get a partial refund on the flight, about two-thirds of the cost. For a little while, Jay and I revelled in the notion that we’d be out of there in no time. 1,103 more words


Why I painted a helicopter

OK, I didn’t actually paint a helicopter.  I painted a picture of a helicopter.  And not any old helicopter – this one saves lives.  It surely isn’t hard to demonstrate that humanitarian work can be sexy and dynamic can it?   186 more words


Air Ambulance Services Philippines (Medevac) - SecureAir Ambulance

SecureAir Ambulance offers its clients the flexibility to go where they want without having to worry about taking care of the “in case of emergency” factor. 80 more words

Not All Air Ambulances are Created Equal

The Differences Between Air Ambulance Companies

If you are ever faced with needing an air ambulance, you’ll want to choose only the best air ambulance company… 482 more words