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Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter?

Nobody wants to think about their home’s heating system when it’s still relatively warm outside, but winter is just around the corner. Getting it tuned up now will ensure that your heating system is ready to work smoothly when the colder temperatures move in. 205 more words

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Advance Filtration Group, Delivering solutions

Advance Filtration Group has always been keen to investigate new markets and uses for HVAC air filters.

Advance Filtration Group has been manufacturing HVAC filters for fifteen years in Australia. 198 more words

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Your on site Facilities team has lots to contend with, the last thing they want to do is waste time locating a part only to find they cannot procure it from a company who is not on the procurement list. 94 more words

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Hair-Raising Dust Mites, Mold and Bacteria Are Invading Your Home…

Mold, bacteria, dust mites and other creepy allergens could be invading your home and causing real nightmares. Fight the real boogieman this Halloween

Mold – Is a fungus that can cause major damage to your property and serious health problems for you and your loved ones. 147 more words

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Importance of Changing Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

According to the EPA, poor indoor air ranks among the top 5 public health risks. But what’s even more alarming is that the indoor air we are exposed to, is 70% more polluted as compared to outdoor air. 288 more words


Fall Allergies

Wonder why your allergies are kicking in this late in the year? Fall allergy triggers are different, but they can cause just as many symptoms as spring. 243 more words

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What You Need to Know About Grow Filters

Grow filters are also known as carbon filters or carbon scrubbers and are used to cleanse air inside an enclosed indoor garden or a grow room. 329 more words

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