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How to clean your air conditioning filter?

A clean air conditioning filter is very important for your health so that is why you need to know how to clean it properly and regularly. 277 more words

Air Filters

Tips on Cleaning Ducts

Here are some good tips on cleaning the air ducts in your home or business.  This may seem like one of the worst cleaning jobs, but these tips will make… 266 more words

Air Filters

Is this your filter?

Have you checked your air filter recently? How about EVER? You would be surprised at how many people don’t! Changing your filter is like brushing your teeth. 136 more words

Air Filters

Understanding HEPA and Whether It's Appropriate for Your SoCal Home

If anyone in your home suffers from severe airborne allergies or asthma, you might find that HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) air filtration for your home could alleviate some of the symptoms. 17 more words

Air Filters: How often to change them and how to remember to do it

A customer writes:
I know I should change my air filters, but how often should I change them and how can I remember to do it? 92 more words

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Spring Homeowner Tip #10

Change Your HVAC  Air Filters!

With the change in weather coming, your heating & air-conditioning system will run more efficiently if you stay on top of changing out the filters regularly.  53 more words

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LIU Post Begins Diverting Air Filters From Landfills

Thanks to the technology developed and patented by Delta M Incorporated, LIU Post will pilot a new Air Filter recycling program in Mullarkey Hall and Winnick House. 301 more words

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