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Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Yesterday my parents and I visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. It was a perfect day outside, and there were gorgeous views of the valley below as we drove up to the Library site. 389 more words

Los Angeles

About That Latte Salute

The military salute is courtesy. If the President as Commander-in-Chief chooses to return a salute rendered by a service member, he should do so courteously. There’s been a bit of brouhaha over the salute returned by President Obama last week while his hand was encumbered with a cup of coffee. 154 more words


The latte salute seen 'round the World

Leading the charge of the Light (Headed) Brigade, Steve Doocy of Fox’s Fox and Friends waxed not-very-poetic, but rather apoplectic, about the “latte salute”.  Upset that President Obama saluted the Marine guards while holding a cup in his hand, (at least it… 215 more words


President Barack Obama criticized for 'Latte salute'

U.S. President Barack Obama created a minor stir after offering a salute Tuesday with a coffee cup in his hand to a Marine standing guard. 308 more words


America's Disgrace-in-Chief Reveals His Naked Contempt For The Military He Just Sent To War

I don’t have words for such an act of disgrace:

I can only compare it to the same guy just a few weeks ago when he gave a speech about how heinous and evil Islamic State is after they had just beheaded an American on video for all to see. 863 more words