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New 9/11 Timeline Entries: White House Staffers' Actions on 9/11, President Apparently in Danger, and More

A large number of entries have been added to the Complete 9/11 Timeline at History Commons. Most of these focus on the events of September 11, 2001, including the actions of White House personnel in response to the terrorist attacks that day, and a number of apparent threats to President Bush and his plane, Air Force One. 1,049 more words

Complete 911 Timeline

Minute by minute: How 9/11 unfolded for one person on the inside

In a former life, he was the White House press secretary. He was at the sides of the most powerful people in the world when commercial airliners were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. 129 more words


Andy Card, Fmr WH Chief Of Staff To Bush on 09/11/01: "A Second Plane Has Hit The 2nd Tower, America Is Under Attack"

Andy Card, former White House Chief of Staff, and the man who whispered the news to President Bush, recalls the events of the morning, the task he held of breaking the news to the president, and the battle they all had with emotions and actions. 159 more words


Da li dolazi kraj za "kraljicu neba"?

Boeing 747, odnosno džambo džet je legendarni avion. Od prvog dana ga nazivaju i “kraljicom neba” (Queen of the skies) a decenijama je bio jedini avion sa duplom palubom i milionima je i danas omiljen. 926 more words



Absolutely. I’ve been 120% using a metaphor for the past week from the movie Air Force One. Have you seen it? It’s an older film… 436 more words

Obama to Delay Immigration Action Until After November Elections

WASHINGTON — Caught between competing political demands over immigration, President Barack Obama will now wait until after the November election to take executive action that could shield millions of immigrants from deportation and ignite a clash over the extent of his presidential authority. 1,092 more words