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Here's Why You Should Never, Ever, Leave Your **cking House

There’s a lot of good reasons not to leave the house. There’s weather, there’s inclement weather, there’s weather that’s less than preferable and, of course, there’s weather that’s simply far to weatherish. 735 more words

‘The U.S. Military Is a Socialist Paradise’

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I can actually buy some of the logic here in this article (link above). Except that the largest difference here is that as military members we chose to go into service, had to be highly selected both physically and mentally, and to put in the work first before getting those rewards. 292 more words


Air Force Staffer Admits Having Pipe Bombs

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) - An Air Force staffer stationed in Illinois pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges that he possessed pipe bombs that he told investigators he planned to unleash on local sex offenders to “inflict as many casualties as possible.” 401 more words


24 April 1943

Betty C. Guild Tackaberry Blake, “Tach”, received her flying wings from Women Air Force Service Pilots co-originator Jacqueline Cochran, a pioneer of American aviation, on April 24, 1943, during the graduation ceremony of the first 23 W.A.S.P pilots. 179 more words


Monthly Update - April

Well, April has been a good month. Got the first step of my RAAF application out of the way, got back in the air, have another flight next week and I am ready to begin my aerobatic rating.


Britain wasted £34 billion on military interventions since Cold War

Since 1990 the United Kingdom wasted around $57 billion on military interventions, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were later judged to be strategic failures, a study published by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) says.The vast majority of money spent by the UK in overseas military operations was in Iraq and Afghanistan the study, Wars in Peace, by RUSI, a British defense and security think tank says.The figures, which were collated under freedom of information requests from the Ministry of Defense, show that if compensation payments as a result of injury and death are included then the total cost of UK military conflict since 1990 could be as much as £42 billion ($70 billion), while a further £30 billion ($50.3 billion) may have been spent on long term care for veterans, the Guardian  10 more words


Volunteer Trip to Tohoku

It’s been three years since 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami devastated the Tohoku area. But the area is still in need of recovery and of volunteers to help. 325 more words

Yokota Air Base