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Donnie's Back... ahem... Kristian Bruun that is.

He couldn’t get enough, and neither can we. We’re thrilled to welcome back our favorite ‘monitor’ or judge: Kristian Bruun.

Kristan doled out some pretty sweet scores at the Toronto Championships, but we have the feeling that Kris will be extra picky this time around at the Canadian Championships on July 31st at the Mod Club. 185 more words

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Awesome Daily #110: Singing & dancing when you are by yourself

So your boss left early, your office room is completely empty and you are kind of in a good mood – but still stuck at work… What do you do? 101 more words

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That Eric Alper - Who better to judge Air Guitar?

We are downright thrilled to have Eric Alper join us as one of our judges for the big show on July 31st. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable music men in the business, but he has direct connections to Slash, The Cult, The Smashing Pumpkins and Sesame Street… and nothing says rock and roll better than the ethos of Oscar the Grouch. 186 more words

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DARK HORSE ENTRANT - Hanzel the Manzel

Too busy jet-setting across the country Carlos ‘Hanzel the Manzel’ Mengual couldn’t make an appearance at the Toronto Qualifiers. But he’s ready to pluck it up for the Canadian Championships Dark Horse Round on July 31st. 99 more words

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Mister Bob Isn't Tossing in the Towel - Neither Should YOU!

Let us be first to tell you that the rumours of his untimely end are far from true. Bob ‘Mr. Bob’ Wagner, our septuagenarian superstar fared far better than most, making it to the compulsory round of last week’s astounding Toronto Qualifiers at Lee’s Palace. 323 more words

A Shredding Success - Guest post by THE ROCKTHUSIAST


So, this past July 10th, I finally did something I said I would do if the opportunity ever arose. 716 more words

Toronto Champ! Lee 'BRYMTIME!' Brymer

After 6 years wait… we are proud to announce that we have a new Toronto Air Guitar Champion!  Lee ‘BRYMTIME!’ Brymer.  He entered as a ‘Brave Soul Competitor’ (signed up on the night of!) and nearly literaly exploded on the stage in a fury of jumps and windmills and strums. 157 more words