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5 Questions I Hear EVVVERRRY Flight!

Lets be honest, the whole flying business is not really a new revolution.. People have actually been getting from A to B via plane for the last 100 years believe it or not! 431 more words

February Roster

I’m currently on leave, and for once I’ve stayed in Dubai! ;)

My sister Lizzie and her boyfriend Jarett are here staying with me for a while; they’ve been living in the US and flew over from Dallas. 200 more words

World Cup Fever...

So this is my first post of a few on some of the places i visited last year.

I was laying in bed on home stand by in July, when I happened to refresh my roster and there it was, RIO DE JENEIRO, a 5-day trip with a stop over in Buenos Aires too. 575 more words

Cabin Crew


So its safe to say that this is my first post in a long while, but after looking at my view charts and seeing my tiny little blog has reached so many people around the world I decided it was time for a little update!   179 more words

Cabin Crew

My Turbulent Flight

Reading about  Air-Asia flight 8501 plunging into Java sea on 28th December, leading to death of all 162 passengers on board and that too in quick succession of few other unfortunate south east Asia airline accidents over 2014, I could not, hold back resurfacing of dark memories, about my own experiences in one such turbulent flight in summers of 2008. 2,224 more words

The long awaited golden call..


I’m a crazy mixture of emotions at the moment.

Happy, excited, nervous, slightly stressed at my new To-Do list, proud and grateful! 180 more words

Cabin Crew