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Can you hear me?

Passengers who keep their headphones on and ask you to repeat more than twice deserve to be punished. Just saying.

Cabin Crew


Hiiiiiiiiiiiii all!!! So I decided to email the recruitment team to enquire if there was an update regarding when next available assessment day would be. … 753 more words

Cabin Crew

An Empty Plane

24 hours of travel and I have reached my destination. Lots of fun on the trip,  including a mad dash through Istanbul airport to make my connection and the delight of passing some chocolates from Ireland on to a delighted air hostess on the last leg if the journey, and finally one very talkative taxi driver who climbed a very high wall to get me into my current lodging.



Day In The Life of an FA Trainee

The expected is just the beginning.

The unexpected… is what changes our lives.

FA training consisted of things I’d never imagine. There’s more to this job that meets the eye, no wonder training is 7.5 weeks long! 238 more words

Mid air Holi Dance performance in flight by crew

Sources said that on Monday, the cabin crew of SpiceJet performed a small dance sequence on a song as part of Holi celebrations, with some passengers also joining in.

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This month, the Inter-Parliamentary Union and U.N Women published their ‘Women in Politics Map 2014‘. Japan has long been one of the worst in the developed world for female participation, with hands down the worst business and industry participation rate in a developed market with figures from last year showing only 1.1% of senior management and board positions being held by women. 548 more words


10 Más Atractivo Aerolíneas Azafata

La profesión de asistente de vuelo es difícil y exigente, pero al mismo tiempo también es glamoroso. Sin duda, los asistentes de vuelo son la cara de la línea aérea que representan.  1,828 more words