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Macro Photography : Beauty in the Air by RichardN

This lovely Tillandsia flower seemed to be at her beautiful best at first light! The plant belongs to the Bromeliad family and is an epiphyte, referring to one that grows upon or attached to another living plant. 91 more words

Instant Expert: Air Plants Are Amazing!

With their edgy look, these otherworldly plants are the rock stars of greenery. They’ll help bring the party to your home, but they’re not a high-maintenance set. 244 more words

House And Home

Mini Green Oasis in My Window

I have an ever-growing family of air plants, houseplants and plants grown from food scraps. Most of my windows with adequate amount of sunlight is filled with plant pots. 369 more words

DIY: Painted Planters

Back with a new post, and this time it has nothing to do with food (ha!). There planters are a great way to add color to your living space – I made these for my new apartment. 133 more words


Ingredients | Air plants

Air plants (aka Tillandsia) are my current obsession. I saw them everywhere while traveling through America in June, and I finally got my hands on some from a British grower during a visit to the Shrewsbury Flower Show at the weekend. 174 more words

Floral Ingredients

DIY Terrariums

Needless to say, my first terrarium died. But I always say, the best lessons are learned the hard way via first-hand experience. As much as I wanted to keep this beautiful ecosystem alive, half of the succulents died and while I was transporting the terrarium to our office plant doctor, it fell over and couldn’t be repaired. 160 more words

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