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Looking Down From The Mountain

Looking down from the mountain

The lush valley below obscured,

Embraced by a sheet of ecru.

Stepping out for a breath of fresh air is a farce. 86 more words


Day 106: Sprinkler Men

The public landscaping in Shanghai is quite extensive and very well done; luxury apartment compounds, high rise office towers, parks and Pudong’s wide boulevards are extensively planted and very well taken care of. 93 more words


TODAY'S NEWS: People of Color Are Disproportionately Hurt by Air Pollution

In America, your race affects everything from your job to your commute to your brush-ups with the police. Why should it be any different with the amount of nasty air pollution you inhale? 507 more words

Air Quality

Asian Air Pollution Strengthens Pacific Storms


Asian Air Pollution Strengthens Pacific Storms

Air pollution in China and other Asian countries is having far-reaching impacts on weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere, a study suggests. 164 more words

Keystone XL Threatens Air Quality for Surrounding Communities

We have all read about Keystone XL pipeline’s adverse effects can have an impact on the environment as a whole, but I want to take a closer look at how it affects the air quality in the surrounding areas. 372 more words

ACSH supports Dr. Enstrom, Board member

I certainly have no objection. Thanks ACSH.

I am a member of the ACSH Policy and Advisory panel, when I disagree with them it’s a point of order not a sign of departure.

Air Pollution