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a few surprises

Some things were pleasantly surprising today. Some things were exactly as tough as I thought they would be.

Skill: Double Unders

Coach Ami put us through 1 minute single unders, 30 sec right foot only, 30 sec left foot only, Tabata double unders. 790 more words


WOD (10-14-14)

(5 Rounds)

50 – Double Unders or 100 – Single Unders

30 – Air Squats

10 – Tire Flips

CrossFit Rhythm

100914 THURS

10/9 THURS Recovery/Rest Day

* Class begins with a CrossFit WOD. The remaining 30 min of class – choose a skill to work on or make up missed strength sessions. 99 more words


07 Oct 14

Warm up

Conditioning AMRAP 15 minutes; change exercise EMOM:
Pull Ups
Man Makers
Air Squats
BB Row


WOD (10-2-14)

(10 min. AMRAP)

10 – Dumbbell Deficit Push-ups

20 yard Dumbbell Farmers Carry (50# / 35#)

10 – Air Squats

20 yard Dumbbell Farmers Carry (50# / 35#) 15 more words

CrossFit Rhythm

right back into it

Tuesday, Sept 23
EMOM 6 minutes:
3-5 HSPU
Did 4 per rounds scaled with my feet up on a 30″ box.

Not bad.

I have to work out how to not let my head rest completely on the floor. 942 more words


Monday 9.22.14

Daily Warmup (check the board)


External rotation shoulder opener 2 min (starts at 3:10 in video)

Anterior hip flossing


Start of new 3 week strength cycle. 43 more words