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It Is a Mistake to Consider the Ebola Epidemic a Hoax

thecommonsenseshow.com / by Dave Hodges / October 31, 2014

I was almost ready to dismiss the present “Ebola crisis” as a hoax as so many others have. 388 more words


So they say Ebola isn't airborne but it's passed through bodily fluids...so if someone with Ebola sneezes I can get it still, right?

I have seen this misconception a lot about what is considered airborne. I would never expect the majority of the public to know this, plus media is not doing the best job at explaining the difference, so here’s the short point of it all. 467 more words


'Ebola' Coffee Cup Puts Plane On Lockdown at Dublin Airport!

DRTOA – The ‘terrorists’ have officially won. Now a cup with ‘a word’ has brought an entire airport to its knees! no guns, no bombs, not even an illegal action! 11 more words


Nobel Prize winner: Ebola can be spread by people who show no symptoms

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Nearly 15 years ago, European and African scientists knew that the Ebola virus could infect a person without them knowing about it, meaning they can walk around with the virus in their system and never show any symptoms. 99 more words


CDC: Ebola Spreads Like Flu

CDC: Ebola Spreads Like Flu

“Coughing, sneezing” spread of Ebola, flu nearly identical, according to CDC documents

Image Credits: CDC

by Kit Daniels | Infowars.com | October 29, 2014… 533 more words


U.S. Health Care System Unprepared for the EboLIE

rom ABCNews:

The U.S. health care apparatus is so unprepared and short on resources to deal with the deadly Ebola virus that even small clusters of cases could overwhelm parts of the system, according to an Associated Press review of readiness at hospitals and other components of the emergency medical network. 84 more words


Using WIND - Airborne Wind Turbines

After researching several forms of renewable energy, I decided to look more into the possibilities of using wind.  As my project is focusing on Cyclone Nargis, I have researched various ways to use wind. 181 more words