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By Any Other Name

My name has always been a point of contention. It’s unspellable, unpronounceable, and pretty unique. I love it. My name is Gaelic. It means morning. Like, ‘good morning.’ I like to joke that my full name is the most Irish name that ever Irished. 532 more words

Princess Cadence Plushie ^^

*sorry for the weird lighting, it’s night time here and I tried my best to make the most out of my lightbox*

I’m so proud to share with you all my Princess Cadence plushie! 529 more words

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La Poudre Peau Fine de Caron in ‘Naturelle’

Hi, girls!

Today my post is dedicated to the best loose powder I have ever used, La Poudre Peau Fine de Caron, in ‘Naturelle’.