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Demi Lovato Admits She Likes What Most Girls Hate!

Not too many people are as honest as Demi Lovato, and for that you can’t help but love her.  While most girls say they hate Photoshop, Demi is the ONE who can appreciate a little touching up. 152 more words


Why KETT Airbrushing is a Luxorious Skill to Learn:

Since we just had amazing classes on KETT Airbrushing with Debra Dietrich, let’s look at why it is important for all aspiring Makeup Artists to learn this skill and purchase this kit. 265 more words

Should airbrushed ads be labelled?

We’ve all seen the bad Photoshop jobs branded across the Internet and whether it’s Kim Kardashian manipulating her infamous bottom and mysteriously, the curve of her dining room table with it, or H&M gifting their already-beautifully-proportioned model with a thigh gap you could drive an arctic lorry through or a make-up ad that looks just a little too flawless, it’s fair to say image altering gets us all rather hot and bothered. 304 more words

Giant Inflatable Spheres for Sea World!

We have been helping Sea World with their props for years. One of our artists Brooke took this photo while riding in the sky tram of these… 37 more words


Uninteresting Pictures

Yesterday evening I forgot which toothbrush was mine because I was too busy thinking about Instagram (I used the orange one and am still not convinced the choice was right (sorry Terry)). 808 more words

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Airbrushing A Wave With Spray Paint Art Techniques Modified For Airbrush.

Airbrushing a wave can be a frustrating process. How do you get the delicious complex texture of the water with just an airbrush and paint? It can take a long time to paint the details of the foam and shade each one. 548 more words

Airbrush Art

Wedding Favours

I was asked to make favours for the wedding of 2 of my friends…..I’m getting better at using my airbrush but the pink Lychee and Rose half sphere are still not how I want them design wise, but it’s getting there.

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