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Smoke, mirrors, and photoshop magic.

The other day my friend Sarah over at Running on Healthy wrote this¬†great post about one of America’s favorite former trainwrecks Britney Spears who has since revamped her image AND her body. 698 more words


Body and soul, we are marvelously made!

This was circa 1992. I was doing my famous spins in this picture. I have always loved to dance, and dance I did, and even more freely when I had alcohol in me. 812 more words


Aerie Stops Airbrushing Lingerie Models, Sales Go Up

When American Eagle announced last January that it would feature non-airbrushed models in ads for its Aerie lingerie line, many applauded the move as a refreshing step away from the perfect bodies and blemish-free appearance of other models. 149 more words

OROGOLD on Airbrush Makeup: What is it, and do I need it? - ORO GOLD Reviews

What Airbrush Makeup Is

Airbrush makeup is a temporary cosmetic application technique used to apply makeup to the face or body with a special machine, known as an airbrushing gun, which by use of air applies liquid makeup onto the skin in an even, smooth and near perfect manner. 531 more words

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