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Blurred Lines?

Thicke’s Blurred Lines was a song which shook the country in many ways – the main reason being its incredible sexism and painfully overt misogyny. Not only was the video a display of hypersexualised nonsense, but the lyrics were enough to make anyone with an inkling of understanding of rape culture want to gag. 623 more words

Photoshop: A Downloadable Public Health Crisis?

There’s a new dystopian sci-fi event coming soon to screens near you—and no, I’m not talking about The Hunger Games. I’m calling it Photoshop: The Final Frontier. 1,184 more words

Body Image

This Lovely Lady

This lovely lady is being photographed by the Rochester Business Journal today. She was a joy to work with.

Airbrushing Imperial Fists Tanks

So, this is as much for me as anything else, because I think its always a good idea to note down your painting techniques.

I’m gearing up for another apoc game, and this one is truly massive with an estimated 200,000 points. 403 more words

Imperial Fists