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Realistic Pokemon by RJ Palmer (2nd part)

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The Realistic Pokemon is a serie of illustrations by RJ Palmer a 24 year old freelance illustrator and concept artist in San Francisco, California. 37 more words

Art And Artist

Give me back my moles!

A couple of weeks after we got married the momentous day arrived when our wedding photos arrived in the post.

This was in the days before iphones with cameras and Facebook uploads as the bride is still half way down the aisle… yes yes, it may as well have been the 1800’s… anyway, this was an exciting day until we opened the envelope and realised there were only about 30 photos in there. 650 more words


Airbrushing Reaper Paints

A quick update:
A couple of weeks ago I was playing around with airbrushing Reaper Paints and came up with (in my opinion) a pretty good recipe for shooting them. 16 more words

Model Building

Beauty? It depends on who's looking...

A man of my acquaintance, who shall remain nameless, is currently going through something of a midlife crisis. Just a few years ago, he accepted an expanding waistline and greying hairs with equanimity. 572 more words

Airbrushing: The Naked Truth

Airbrushing describes the method undertaken to alter or conceal images, normally for advertising campaigns, in order to ‘improve’ their appearance.  Airbrushing, fundamentally, has the ability to change the reality of the photo to variable extents, most commonly by adjusting body shapes, perfecting complexions and enhancing certain features.   464 more words

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Quote • Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale via Wikimedia Commons

“The airbrush was a diabolical invention. I’ll look at a photo and say, ‘God, I wish I still looked like that.’ Then I realise, ‘Oh, I never did.’ I long to see actresses as they really are, with wrinkles and blemishes. 26 more words


Even more progress on Gundam Alex NT-1

Finished the lower half of the left leg. The right leg is next to it for comparison. Progress has slowed… I blame my fiance for getting me back into WoW.