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The Rarest Seabird

During the early part of 1940, Britain and France were scrambling to acquire sources of modern fighting aircraft from wherever they could. At that time there were serious fears that German bombing could virtually destroy the two countries’ aircraft industries and render them all but unable to fight in the air. 745 more words

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Have We Just Glimpsed China’s Vision of Future Aircraft Carrier Designs?

The dimensions and specifications of China’s first aircraft carrier CV16 (Liaoning) are well-known. Based on the Russian Project 11436 hull Varyag, it was long visible under refitting in Dalian Naval Shipyard before finally going to sea in 2011.

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The "Boots on the Ground" Cliche: A Feeble Distinction that Sustains Interventionism

America has a terminology problem. It’s fully engaged in a long, ultimately quixotic war (note not effort, or project, but hot war) against terrorism and instability, but, fresh off its experience with OIF, is unwilling to “commit boots on the ground.” Commit everything else, just so long as the 3rd ID isn’t deploying. 269 more words


Third test of WU-14 hypersonic strike vehicle confirmed by Chinese defense ministry

A spokesperson of the Chinese defense ministry confirmed the People’s Liberation Army’s third test of the WU-14 hypersonic strike vehicle. In addition to carrying nuclear warheads, the WU-14 can also be used to conduct conventional strikes against important targets such as aircraft carrier. 110 more words

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Russia Warns China Has New Type 1130 CIWS, Can Destroy 90% Mach 4 Hypersonic Missiles

By Esther Tanquintic-Misa

China has developed a new close-in weapon system, or CIWS, called Type 1130, which has the firing power of 10,000 rounds per minute, portal Want China Times said, citing Russia media sources. 337 more words


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Christmas competition for books and calendars

To win a choice of signed books (either The Blackburn Skua and Roc monograph or A Seeming Glass collection of short stories) and 2015 aviation calendars, just follow me on Twitter ( 111 more words

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