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Drone finds missing man

An interesting story on the use of an unmanned drone in a search and rescue operation in the USA. As the story notes, the pressure to ease restrictions on drone use in unrestricted, and civil, airspace continues to grow. 18 more words


Tel Aviv flights suspension

In response to the current Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, the US Federal Aviation Administration imposed a ban on US airlines flying to Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, on July 22nd, after a rocket has landed close to the airport. 102 more words


Quick Reaction Alert in action

ITV news has a brief story on RAF jets being scrambled to intercept a private aircraft that had lost contact with air traffic control. This is the RAF’s key UK defence activity which gets little publicity, for obvious security reasons, but occasionally as in this case a news organisation will pick up on it.


Ukraine suspended all MILITARY flights from 14/07/2014

Ukraine suspended all military flights from 14/07/2014 following the downing of a military transport plane at 6,000 meters. Unfortunately this did not lead to a similar closing of airspace to civilian air traffic.


MH17: Difficult work ahead says IATA

KUALA LUMPUR: The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, a clearly identified commercial jet, was in complete violation of international laws, standards and conventions, said the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


U.S. Aircraft International Warning Zones

Some AIR out there over the REIGN-bow!

Following the recent events of a plane shot down over the Ukraine and the disappearance of the previous Malaysian flight, one might wonder what the restrictions are for airplanes.

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Flight planning in conflict zones

Following up on my previous post on the MH17 disaster, the BBC are running an interesting piece on flight routes over conflict zones which is worth a read.