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Volcanoes and airspace

Two volcanic eruptions are threatening to cause airspace disruption on opposite sides of the world. In Papua New Guinea, Mount Tavurvur has erupted, with an ash cloud potentially affecting airspace as far as Australia, whilst in Iceland, Bardarbunga continues to cause concern with… 8 more words


Tear Gas

I’ve just finished writing a lecture in which I discuss Tear Gas. Derek Gregory has an insightful post on the recent unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and wider comment on the militarisation of the US police force in which he mentions  20 more words


Iceland volcano airspace alert

Over the weekend fears of the imminent eruption of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano triggered the closure of airspace above the volcano and concerns that another European-wide airspace closure could occur if an ash cloud were to form four years after the… 21 more words


Japanese jets scramble to intercept Russian bombers

Japanese Air Defense Forces were called upon in recent days after two Russian military aircraft circled the Japanese archipelago.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Russian TU-95 strategic bombers flew over the Sea of Japan from the north to the border of the East China Sea.   90 more words

FAA bans US flights over Iraq.

The Federal Aviation Authority has today banned all US carriers from flying over Iraq due to the volatile and dangerous nature of the situation on the ground: they cited the “potentially hazardous situation” as reason enough. 65 more words

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