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The Air is Alive.

Barrier: a circumstance or obstacle that keeps people or things apart or prevents communication or progress.

Barriers are created in your mind. They are created through fear. 122 more words



a good day… very few rough moments, which was lovely… birthdays have always been special in our family so marking George’s is important…

started the day by taking the last of the antibiotics, yay… been using George’s pill container as I need to take the pills with my breakfast now… 260 more words

Big Girl Pants

Verizon starts killing off 3G networks to make room for LTE

Verizon has already launched two distinct LTE networks since it first turned on 4G in 2010, but now it’s started paving the way for the third. 512 more words

Lirik Lagu Angels & Airwaves Terbaru

Lirik Lagu Angels & Airwaves Terbaru

Angels & Airwaves – Tunnels

I am still without devotion
Because we’re all asleep at the wheel
Asleep and so surrounded by what we feel… 1,011 more words


It slipped through the cracks

This film slipped through the cracks some how but was brought to my attention recently. I seriously can’t get Iceland off of my mind and seem to be trying to find anyway possible to incorporate their music into my everyday life. 70 more words

Good beer, exposure, and a spa

Following our return from Iceland, it took well over a week for me to sleep until the alarm clock goes off, on weekday mornings.

It’s winter, here. 2,224 more words


Wireless Carriers' Bidding Tops $36 Billion in FCC Auction For Airwaves

The bidding war continues for a precious chunk of mobile airwaves, with current prices in the auction to own rights to airwaves topping $36 billion. 368 more words