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What is inutoc and .toc file ? AIX

Today I will talk a little about an unknown subject, the inutoc and the .toc file. I did a fast search and was difficult to find anything useful to help me explaining WTF is the inutoc and .toc… The point is not how unknown and difficult it is to be understood, but how much simple and easy is to understand it… 321 more words


AIX# Using tools iptrace, snoop, tcpdump, wireshark, and nettl to trace packet

Creating, formatting, and reading packet traces is sometimes required to resolve problems with IBM® WebSphere® Edge Server. However, the most appropriate tool varies, depending on operating system. 472 more words


How to use TCPDUMP ?

TCPdump is a very powerful command used to sniff a network interface. That program requires root privileges to be executed. The super user privileges is required to make sure that you will have sufficient privileges on a network device/interface. 333 more words


Kay see hesh

Hello I’m back in Kuching for summer holidays! So far so good in this cat city. Eid was really great for me as most of my friends are here. 70 more words


What you should, and you don't know about documentation in Linux/Unix

   The main Linux’s philosophy is the opensource code for everyone, so then providing a growth from all the partners of the Linux community. So if we stop to think, we will understand why the documentation is too important, How could something be contributed by people from everywhere ? 1,292 more words


How to find the HMC of a LPAR ? [AIX]

   I’m accustomed to find the HMC in 2 different ways… in the lpar you can try :

LPARNAME(root): lsrsrc IBM.ManagementServer
Resource Persistent Attributes for IBM.ManagementServer
resource 1:
        Name             = "IP.of.the.hmc"
        Hostname         = "IP.of.the.hmc"
        ManagerType      = "HMC"
        LocalHostname    = "lpar_ip"
        ClusterTM        = "XXXX-XXX"
        ClusterSNum      = ""
        ActivePeerDomain = ""
        NodeNameList     = {"LPARNAME"} 96 more words

How to clone a rootvg using alternate disk installation alter_disk_copy

      Sometimes we need to upgrade the AIX Technology Level (TL), but it cans became dangerous because imagine if we perform an upgrade and after that the system simply doesn’t start again, or maybe an application start getting locking. 608 more words