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III. Here's to Summer 2014

Here’s a little bit of sunshine and a lot of flowers to celebrate the last bits of summer 2014. You’ve been a great one and a busy one; I’ve never had one quite like you. 380 more words



Aujourd’hui, I finally tried a recette that I’ve been yearning to attempt ever since I took that first forkful of Mamie‘s recette. 592 more words


Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Commands for AIX




Journaled File System (JFS)

File system that uses a journaled log for faster, more reliable data recovery

Logical Partition (LP)

The LV is made up of LPs.   1,569 more words


II. Leather and Pearls

Always the one to be a little more daring and dramatic with her ensembles, Jie would be the one to go all out with the eyeliner. 240 more words


I. This Princess

When a boy you’re “walking out” with gives you something the day you decide to officially end the unofficial relationship, what do you do?
That’s what sisters are for right (: I get her discarded plushies and she gets the t-shirt. 57 more words


Ushering in a new series...

Here’s to the self, confidence, exploration, and new things.

Did I miss anything in those big vague blanket terms? I don’t think so.

Oh that’s right…parallel structure. 116 more words


'Round & 'Round the Rotonde

France is known for its endless rond poins, or ’round-abouts’, so, Aix, being a beautiful city in the South of France, is no different. There are countless rond poins scattered throughout Aix; however, Aix’s rond poins’ are unique: About 85% of them come equipped with fountains. 1,108 more words