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[jQuery] Comparison of getJSON and ajax

Comparison of jQuery getJSON and ajax.

I tried to debug this code in jQuery(the following), the object is to get the data from a json file and re-format the output data into an array, this array will be used in others functions later. 253 more words


Kroonprins Cocu staat voor zijn eindexamen

Phillip Cocu is sinds 2004 de kroonprins van PSV. De oud-middenvelder werd in 2013 eindverantwoordelijke, maar heeft de hooggespannen verwachtingen nog niet kunnen waarmaken. Marco van Basten, Frank de Boer, Ruud Gullit: allemaal zweefde de toptrainerskroon boven hun hoofd, maar niet iedereen zette hem daadwerkelijk op.   883 more words


Set ajax response status code to 401(unauthorized) when the user is not authorized

public @ResponseBody String handleRequest() {

if (null == currentUser) {

return new ResponseEntity<String>(HttpStatus.UNAUTHORIZED);

} else {

// do stuff…

return “blahblah…”;



In the ajax function, when detect unauthorized header then re-direct to log in page: 6 more words


Developing a Motivated Mindset

There will come that time when every one of us seems to find ourselves stuck in a rut that is filled with lack of interest and boredom. 911 more words


Seasonal Advice: Sophocles, Ajax 664-5

“But the old saying is true: the gifts of enemies are no gifts, and sure to yield no profit.”

ἀλλ᾽ ἔστ᾽ ἀληθὴς ἡ βροτῶν παροιμία,
ἐχθρῶν ἄδωρα δῶρα κοὐκ ὀνήσιμα


The requested resource does not support http method 'OPTIONS'

This error is closely related CORS. You are probably getting this error with HTTP 405 errors, maybe using a Chrome or Firefox browser. You may be doing an ajax POST. 157 more words


Did You Know?

James Remar (Harry Morgan) “spent the majority of his film career playing villains” and “he is known for his roles as the aggressively sexual and violent character  39 more words