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Finding Concepts of God

Many of the less well-known religions of the world have beautiful and comprehensive views of God that the more established Western religions lack. For example, the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast believe in ‘Brekyirihunuade (“ 406 more words

Christ vs. Nkrumah

I became Christian again a couple of months back. Some of my closest friends have been horrified by my decision. I can actually see where they are coming from.  1,430 more words

Kwame Nkrumah

A tree without roots

My question is why THE F*** DONT BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERIKKKKA want to be connected to Africa? We should all be running DNA traces to see what parts of the continent our genes come from (and if they, indeed, even do). 171 more words

Akan the Artist

this is by a Nigerian artist i came across & now follow on Instagram. if memory serves me correct he does all this by pen. 11 more words


Ten non-native English speaker models

“The continuing expansion of Internet accessibility enhances possibilities for working with intelligible and comprehensible non-native English speech samples that were unimaginable a mere decade ago.” (Murphy, 2014: 267)

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