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Through A Forest & Up A Mountain

“People should always force themselves to do daring things.”—Gordon Forbes

My first encounter with a fox occurred a month and a half since living in Hokkaido. 668 more words


Mmoatia: Ghanaian Tricksters of the Forest

Mmoatia (singular, aboatia) are forest dwellers known to the Akan or Ashanti people of Ghana. In traditional religious thought, they are seen as a subclass of abosom, intermediary spirits or deified ancestors. 218 more words


From Ankh to Akofena - Finding strength in symbols

There is such a deeper side to life that very few ever encounter.  What makes it even worse is that many who actually encounter this deeper side don’t know how to use it to guide them, or to express their gift to the world, or simply enjoy the world in a fulfilling way.  442 more words

Ainu artist

Akan is famous for its beautiful lake, marimo (algae), delicious food and it is home for the native Ainu. There are many shops you can browse and find many beautiful hand sculptured figurines. Enjoy.

Artist at work.

Guided Tour

Ural Owl

The weather forecast for today was for precipitation – either rain or snow. As we had had such a magnificent experience with the eagles on the ice on the first morning, and then experienced what a difference fog makes, we decided not to go for a third boat ride. 233 more words

Prayer for Driving Away Malevolent Beings

Prayer for Driving Away Malevolent Beings

Begin All Prayer and Thinking By Using Onyina, ALL

“No Abosum Would  Exist if Onyame (El Eloh) Didnt Create it, He Is Alone, No Partners Has He. 129 more words


Côte d'Ivoire's Magnificent Cuisine

We were delighted this week to be able to share a small part of Côte d’Ivoire’s vast cuisine with over 250 million viewers in 49 countries via… 142 more words

Côte D'Ivoire