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Jesus : Myth or Reality

Jesus The Messiah ,According to modern Christians He is The Saviour of Humankind who came to this earth to offer salvation…..well we all know what Christians believe,That’s upto the believers who can believe anything from multiverse  to Ancient alien craps. 525 more words

Monotheism : Its Origin and Development

Monotheism: The Belief in One Single God.

In our modern society , Three form of abrahamic religion have the cloak of Monotheism ,But they are not the only adherent of monotheism . 420 more words

Why the “Jews” Love Hitler

My most recent posts have been focusing on viruses and vaccines. I do have a bombshell to reveal on that subject. Indeed I think I have decoded “illness” in general. 2,586 more words

Rage Against The Machine

Ozymandias - the unchosen

1279 BCE, The Nile at Philae

Darkness had just fallen when the Dark Apep rounded the curve in the river and fixed its course on the stone landing of the Island of Philae. 1,316 more words

Silent Eye School

Religious Dissent in the Context of Politics

In the study of civilisations we find that the concepts of religion are invariably numerous. The historically Christian Europe found itself embroiled in disagreement with the branches of dissenting christian groups gained popular support. 1,483 more words

Ancient Egypt


Some weird old Egyptian stuff about the sun or whatever.



David Gibbins: Pyramid (review)

‘What do you get if you cross Indiana Jones with Dan Brown? Answer: David Gibbins’

BIOGRAPHY (in authors own words)

Much of the inspiration for my novels comes from my own experiences as an archaeologist and diver. 902 more words

Historical Fiction