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Another case of monarchical remains and their DNA


This time it is Tutankhamun (no doorbell jokes, thankyou) nearly three millennia earlier. The “virtual autopsy” shows him to have had a clubfoot and he owned about a hundred walking sticks as a consequence, strangely held in the wrong hand. 85 more words


These are really old, but I was watching a show about Akhenaten last night, and I haven ‘t finished the painting I was planning on posting today, so…




Bucket List

The lovely Jithin over at PhoTraBlogger asked me to contribute to his list of bucket lists. An odd thing to collect you mutter? I can think of worse, and actually, reading through the lists he has collected so far it is fascinating to read what people want to achieve in their lives You can find the bucket list page… 202 more words


today's birthday: Mika Waltari (1908)

Mika Waltari (1908)

Finnish author Mika Waltari is best known for his 1945 historical novel The Egyptian, which is set during the reign of the… 64 more words

Newsletter 37

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Princess Kiya was one of the wives of Akhenaten and, it is thought, the mother of
Tutankhamun. She wrote this love poem to her husband. 379 more words

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