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Music Monday - August 25

I heard this for the first time during Wag festival, and it immediately called to mind Nut and the Akhu.


KRT: Akhu 101

I struggled a lot with deciding on what I wanted to write for this topic because despite how much work I do with the dead on the astral, akhu play next to no role in my practice. 1,050 more words


KRT: The Blessed Dead and how I Honor Them

Because just a little after 3am on the day of strikes me as the best time to write this.

Akhu basics: Do akhu play a role in your practice? 679 more words

The Song of the Ancestors

Akhu basics: Do akhu play a role in your practice? How do you work with the akhu (shrines, rites, etc)? How do you set up an akhu practice? 957 more words


Akhu and Personal Experiences With Death: Before and After

The Before

The idea of the akhu, or blessed dead, is one of the parts of Kemeticism that I struggle the most with. Ancestor veneration is a major part of every religion I’ve ever shown interest in, and I feel strongly drawn to the concept, yet I always feel lost when it comes to actually going about it. 1,230 more words